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A Whole New World: 12 Luxurious Turkish Fabrics That’ll Transform Your Home

Holding what’s said to be “the finest needle in the world,” few fabrics define a home the way those from Turkey can. After all, the Turks were originators of the woven art centuries ago when enchanted tales of flying carpets delighted crowds.

Now — a world away at full-service home décor shop, Zimman’s in Lynn — Turkish fabrics are sought by homeowners and decorators who shop over 50,000 fabrics, rugs and lighting, custom window treatments, furniture, and re-upholstery services suitable for sultans.

And while ornate, richly-colored Turkish fabrics must be seen in person to be truly appreciated, we found these ones particularly mesmerizing while perusing the Best of Boston winner’s extensive fabric floor:

Luxe in translation: To enter a foyer graced with an upholstered bench or chairs made of this rich and colorful fabric would truly be like entering an opulent Ottoman palace. A perfect blend of exotic elegance, this exceptionally lush, multi-hued textile reminiscent of Adana, Turkey is made of chenille and features a lovely paisley print.

Shining, shimmering, splendid: What better way to create a sophisticated sitting space than with wingback chairs upholstered with elegant fabric and golden detail that shines? Named after Erzurum, Turkey this is a versatile option available in several colors, making is easy to incorporate a subtle touch of glamour anywhere you please.

A time-honored tradition: Give your master bedroom the royal treatment by dressing it up with this dignified ikat fabric named for Ankara, Turkey. Woven from dyed chenille yarns to create a navy and gold pattern, it’s a lavish textile we’d love to use to upholster a magnificent headboard. Want your entire home to feel cushy? Create accent pillows that can be used elsewhere, making comfort customary in every room!

Think outside the box: This spectacular textile donning illustrious characters from another ancient culture is anything but boring. Named for Adapazari, Turkey it’s a welcomed departure from traditional patterns and serves as an exceptionally intriguing textile that’d make for a great artisanal conversation-piece in a home office or study.

Artful origins: Who says you can’t have fun juxtaposing primitive patterns with otherwise contemporary décor? This textile reminiscent of Antalya, Turkey features a tribal design that’s available in an array of vibrant colors that could liven up any minimalist space. Admire the detail of the stitching that will pop-off as custom curtains or kitchen linens that’ll add more joy to cooking.

Indulge in Old World opulence: This detailed textile from Bursa, Turkey is a real showstopper! Vibrant with exotic flair, this artfully-woven textile compliments spaces that are utterly stupendous. We can picture an eclectic, Bohemian-style pad incorporating floor-length curtains so the ornate pattern and jewel tones throughout create a dazzling display.

Shades of grey: Try this subdued textile reminiscent of Denizli, Turkey for a more contemporary look made from mottled chenille. The textured fabric is comprised of slate grey and black yarns, whose cool tones will give any bedroom or living room a no-frills, modern vibe.

Style that soars: This fabulously ornate option represents Istanbul, Turkey and is a prime example of the incredible detail that goes into traditional Turkish textiles. Use this mosaic-style tapestry featuring florals and dynamic color as a carpet, or upholster kitchen bar stools to match tiles and backsplashes.

The bold and the beautiful: Featuring a traditional Turkish pattern reminiscent of Izmir, Turkey, this satin ikat with a bold color pallet is looming with cheer! Consider it for a special rocker in a nursery or for window treatments in a child’s bedroom, or pump new life into a tattered armchair that needs reviving.

Special treatment: Don’t discount what a little texture can do for a space! Named for Malatya, Turkey this fabric offers distinct style that’s pleasing to the eye and to the touch. We’d love to see this wonderful, textured fabric as upholstery for a sleek sofa and throw pillows that’ll add pizzazz to any corner of your home.

On the line: Named for Mersin, Turkey this Kilim fabric features detailed vertical stripes we give five stars. The thick material is suited for furniture re-upholstery projects from chairs to footstools and can make a big impact in contemporary or more traditionally-styled homes.

Make any chair a throne: Even ruins can be made regal when this plush velvet number reminiscent of Samsum, Turkey makes its way into a re-upholstery project or two. Make yourself head of the table every night with chairs eloquently displaying the regal, free-form fabric. Want to cloak yourself in comfort? Try the royally-hued fabric for bedding that’ll be fit for a king.

What’s your favorite style? Access an entire world of décor options at Zimman’s and discover what wonders Turkish fabrics will bring into your home.