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Aloha and Hive Summer Camps

For more than 100 years, Vermont-based summer camps Aloha and Hive have introduced girls to new skills and experiences, fostered personal growth, and encouraged a kinship with nature. Mentored by well-trained staff from around the globe, campers set out to achieve goals they choose for themselves and build lasting friendships along the way. The Aloha camps intentionally leave distractions behind, instead focusing on face-to-face communication and participation in a supportive community. Campers enjoy activity-filled days by the lake followed by campfire songs and stories under the stars. Girls and gender nonbinary youth grades 3–6 attend Hive while Aloha serves grades 7–10.

Fairlee, VT; 802-333-3400; alohafoundation.org/aloha; alohafoundation.org/hive; IG: @alohafoundation; FB: thealohafoundation; YT: alohafoundation

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