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Ask the Experts: First Questions to Ask Your Vendors

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The big question has been popped (and hopefully quickly answered). Now you and your beloved are well on your way to building a life together.

But as you are starting to discover, that first yes-or-no question soon leads to a bevy of others – decisions you as a couple have to make for your upcoming nuptials.

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking, complete with details that need ironing out. There’s budget and location, vendors and vibe. When asked and answered properly, all of these undecideds can come together to create the wedding of your dreams.

The Boston Wedding Group can help with all the who-what-when-where aspects of your Big Day. Check out these tips from the group’s experts as they offer a little insight into the first questions you should ask when planning your wedding.

It’s important to make sure your vendor’s vibe meets your vision. Daniela Bradburn of Hampshire House suggests asking what services your potential location provides to see if that really aligns with what your vision is for that day. “Whether it be a traditional seated dinner, a reception-style event or maybe a brunch, getting a better idea of what those services could help a couple decide whether [that location] is a good fit for them,” she explains.

Kristyn Kerkorian of Fenway Park agrees, saying instead of heading straight for the notorious price question, ask about what type of experience a site will provide when hosting a wedding. “I think it’s more to understand the type of wedding and the caliber of wedding and what your investment dollars are going to cover,” she explains.

Who is performing your ceremony is clearly just as important as where it’s being performed. Justice of the Peace Elizabeth Gemelli advises couples to always ask a potential wedding officiant what style of wedding they perform. “Whether it be civil or a little spiritual, then they will tell you what they like and they will create what really is best for you,” she explains.

“It’s important for them to ask questions like how many years have you been in business, what kind of events have you produced and where have you produced them,” says Edna Dratch-Parker of EFD Creative – Event Planning & Design. This will give couples an idea of the planner’s background and what they bring to the [wedding] table. “Every planner is different and you have to make sure that you match it up with the right person,” she adds.

Remember: the wedding cake isn’t the only place you can offer guests sweet selections. Think outside of the box, with cookie displays, candy buffets, and more. “The first question I would like a bride to ask me after they tell me all about their wedding is where can we add sweet touches to make our experience special for our guests,” says Jennifer Burkhart of Cookie Creatives by Jennifer.

Jim Tomasso of Rockstar Limo wants couples to dig deep into what the vendor fees cover because not everything is front and center. “If a client’s calling around and price shopping, they usually don’t think to ask what’s included. A lot of times you might get a price that doesn’t include gratuity, taxes, or service fees.” You don’t want to leave any surprises to the last minute and day of.

When it comes to entertainment for your celebration, Rob Caplin of Boston Party Machine says, “Ask the band, ‘This is my vision and this is what I’m looking. How do you think you would go about bringing that to a reality?’ Be sure to go over song lists, inquire about types of talent, and how they work the crowd. “You want someone who is going to give you a night that you will remember forever,” he adds.