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At-home Laser Hair Removal Versus Professional—Which is Better?

At-home hair removal with permanent results in the comfort of your own home? Sounds amazing and easy—but is it, really? These devices claim to be cheaper and offer the same results as professional laser hair removal. Before you try them, see what the experts at Milan Laser Hair Removal in Boston think about the differences between professional laser hair removal and at-home hair removal devices.

What are the results from at-home devices versus professional laser hair removal?

At-home hair removal devices typically use an actual laser (diode) or intense pulsed light (IPL), often confused with laser technology, which is why the results from an at-home device can be lackluster. The intensity is low, and the small treatment areas take a long time to treat and see results. The results you do see are often patchy because of the treatment inconsistencies. On average, there’s about a 70 percent reduction in unwanted hair after three months of using IPL and diode devices at home. Typically, hair will grow back once you stop using at-home devices, and there’s no guarantee that users will see results.

Professional laser hair removal uses true laser light to target the hair follicle, which is exceptionally stronger than at-home devices. The pigment in the follicle absorbs the laser light and overheats, which destroys the follicle so hair can’t grow back. When performed correctly, results from professional laser hair removal are permanent—in seven to 10 treatments, most Milan Laser clients are more than 95 percent hair-free.

Who can use at-home hair removal devices?

Everyone has a higher chance of burning with at-home devices due to user error, but deeper skin tones have an even greater burn risk. Some devices will even lock the user out—rendering the device completely unusable—if the skin tone isn’t compatible. IPL devices aren’t as sophisticated as real lasers at distinguishing between the pigment in the skin and hair, which makes them unsafe for anyone who doesn’t have very fair skin and dark hair. Also, most at-home devices cannot be used for facial hair removal either.

Professional laser hair removal is the only safe option for all skin tones and bodily regions. They can safely treat almost any body area by utilizing a customized treatment plan for each client. Some lasers, such as the Candela GentleMax Pro used at Milan Laser, include two laser technologies to treat all skin tones—the Nd: YAG for deeper skin tones and the Alexandrite for lighter skin tones.

How expensive is laser hair removal compared to at-home devices?

An at-home device is indeed cheaper upfront than laser hair removal. But let’s break this down: The average cost for IPL can be between $300 and $600. However, batteries die, and technologies malfunction. There are add-ons you need to purchase that enhance your treatments. And even after all of that, you’re not guaranteed results. Any results you do see will require continued use to keep. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, is a one-time expense for permanent results. At Milan Laser, the Unlimited Package™ comes with every body area purchased, so there are no hidden fees, and your results are guaranteed for life. So if hormones change or new follicles become active down the road, you’ll get all the touch-ups needed at no additional cost.

Professional laser hair removal may be your best bet

At-home hair removal devices are much more time-consuming and painful when treating larger areas. These areas require multiple sessions, depending on the device’s battery life. Many areas, such as the back of the legs, the back of the neck, and the full back, are hard to reach and better treated by a laser hair removal professional. Laser hair removal treatments can be done quickly, often over a lunch break. For lower legs and underarms, treatments are only 30 minutes.

Professional laser hair removal ensures all treatments are safe and effective for all skin tones, with tailored options for all clients. Providers like Milan Laser have medical oversight and are performed in a judgment-free environment with care for you and your safety. Don’t be tempted by the lure of at-home devices.

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When it comes to removing unwanted hair, don’t be left to your own devices. Learn more about the differences between at-home devices and in-clinic laser hair removal at milanlaserboston.com.