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Banking Made for Busy Moms: “There Has to Be a Better Way”

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Banks and babies aren’t a good mix, and no one understands that better than Kristin Quinn.

The mother of three young children, Quinn dreaded trips to her local branch at the same bank she’d been using since college. “I had the baby crawling under the desk playing with the phone cord, while my daughter pounded away on the calculator, and my other son tried to staple his shirt to his pants,” she writes, recounting her experience in her Misadventures in Mommyhood lifestyle blog.

Quinn needed help from her old bank after losing a debit card, a pretty common occurrence when you’re juggling three little ones. But reissuing a card wasn’t a quick or easy process for her or her family. “‘There has to be a better way,’ I told myself, exiting the bank with two kids on a lollipop sugar high and one baby covered in used staples,” says Quinn.

Luckily, Radius Bank agreed with her. Their debit card monitoring app for both Android and iOS devices allows you to deactivate a card if it becomes lost or stolen, and reactivate it quickly if it’s only been misplaced. The virtual bank also lets you use any ATM anywhere and complete all tasks on your phone – so no chaotic branch trips are needed.

Quinn and family // Photo credit: Photography by KLC

“Not having to worry about finding the right branch or ATM is great,” says Quinn. “Not having to lug the kids in and out of the bank is even better. No fees is just the icing on the cake.”

The Radius mobile app gives you free high-interest checking and the abilities to pay bills, deposit checks, and transfer money for free, both internally and externally. Their Pay a Friend feature offers the option to pay someone just by using an email address or mobile number. Quinn also relies on the Personal Financial Management team to help keep her finances in check.

“They can help you calculate your net worth, create budgets, track spending, and will even help you analyze trends,” she says. “I need that!”

Quinn says she absolutely recommends Radius to other moms like her who don’t have the time to cut through the red tape at other big banks.

“We don’t want to spend precious time worrying or dealing with our banking needs,” she says. “With three kids and a busy lifestyle, I really appreciate anything that is hassle-free. And banking with Radius is 100-percent hassle-free for me.” 

Quinn and family // Photo credit: Photography by KLC

For more information on making the switch to Radius Bank, visit radiusbank.com. Follow Kristin Quinn and her family at misadventuresinmommyhood.com.