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Clean Is Cool: Why Hands-Free Smart Bathrooms Are Trendy This Year

Right now, everyone wants to make their world as touchless as possible, and when it comes to germ-ridden areas of your house, that’s doubly true. That’s probably why upgrading your bathroom with smart devices and touchless technology is on trend this year, and the good news is that there are now a range of styles that will allow you to automate pretty much your whole bathroom while still looking fashionable. To find out how to raise the cleanliness and convenience level of every part of your bathroom, we spoke with Brandon Vescera, a consultant at Splash, an award-winning bath and kitchen design center in Newton, Massachusetts.

Automatic Faucets and Soap Dispensers

One of Splash’s most popular upgrades right now is the automatic faucet.

“It’s great for clients who do not want to touch the faucet for hygiene purposes,” Vescera says. “It’s especially good for a powder room or a high traffic area.”

Most automatic faucets operate like the one’s you’ve experienced in public bathrooms, where you move your hand under the faucet to activate it, but with a more home-friendly design where you control the temperature with a lever, so you can set the lever at your preferred temperature and leave it there. Lacava’s Zoom faucet is a popular example, featuring a contemporary design with a sleek and simple neck, available in colors ranging from Champagne bronze to matte black. You can also purchase a matching soap dispenser, and both are easily screwed directly into any standard sink counter.

For people who really want to keep their distance, there are also options where you can walk up to the faucet and it starts the flow automatically. Delta Dorval is a transitional-style option that has a proximity sensor that starts the flow when you’re four inches away.

Integrated Showers

Showers are a great option for automation, especially when you’re having a hectic morning. The Kohler DTV+ shower is the standard in the industry because it integrates every aspect you could want into one package. Through a connected Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can set a routine or tell it a specific temperature to heat up to. It incorporates everything all into one module, including speakers, lights, and steam, which can be controlled from the app or by your voice.

“Picture getting ready: you can already have the shower heated up to the right temperature with whatever features you want on ready to go, whether speakers or lights, so you don’t have to figure it out in the shower,” Vescera says. “You can ask specifically for a 92-degree shower ahead of time.”

Remote-Controlled Toilets and Bidets

According to Vescera, bidets have gotten popular recently, and they’re an easy enough addition to any bathroom.

“What a lot of people don’t realize is, you can add a bidet to pretty much any toilet,” Vescera says. “We have options with both integrated bidet and toilets, and bidets that can easily be installed separately.”

With integrated toilet and bidet options, a digital remote is built into the toilet, so that you can automatically open and shut the toilet seat or even turn on a seat warmer. With the right model, cleaning is also easier: Kohler bidets will use a UV cycle to self-clean every 24 hours and eliminate bacteria. For toilets, look for an option with an automatic mist that aids in cleaning.

Smart Mirror

It’s also easier to control all your smart devices in your bathroom, thanks to the emerging market of smart mirrors. Kohler’s Verdera mirror is Alexa-enabled, meaning it’ll give you the morning news as you brush your teeth or play music without needing an Echo speaker on your sink’s counter. With integrated lights you can set to a routine, you won’t even need to hit the light switch on your way out the door, making for a truly touchless experience.