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Before & After: Furniture Makeovers That’ll Make You Do A Double Take

Before: This vintage wing back chair was beautifully crafted but had seen better days.
After: Updating its original frame and applying leopard cut velvet grospoint fabric, Zimman’s transformed this chair into a seat worth saving!

Whether it’s your great aunt’s forgotten sofa or a divine (albeit tattered) wingback chair salvaged from SOWA – furniture that was constructed well is worth fighting for.

OK, maybe not worth fighting for in the literal sense. But, great furniture is worth investing in a proper re-upholstery job. After all, solid vintage items built back when expert carpentry was the norm can last longer than a lifetime, if restored back into the stunning showpieces they really are.

The benefits of investing in once great furniture became evident after a recent trip to Zimman’s – the nationally known home décor and fabric destination located in Lynn.

Not only can their team of knowledgeable designers and expert craftspeople transform your furniture by applying exquisite fabric – (they offer over 50,000 textile options) – they breathe new life into it by stripping it to its frame, re-gluing its joints, tightening its springs, adding new cushions and polishing dated woodwork.

Here are incredible before and after images of great chairs and couches saved by Zimman’s and the owners who loved them enough to make them shine again.

Before: This wingback chair sported nailhead trim and a stretcher bar when it was originally crafted.
After: Now, this chair has a bright future with a more sound structure – and dons a gorgeous paisley fabric from a high-end domestic mill.

Before: Zimman’s expert craftspeople begin each piece by stripping it to its core – as seen with this leggy barrel back chair about to undergo a facelift.
After: What a stud! This handsomely studded chair now sports golden nailheads atop soft black grain leather, giving it a stately look with a little edge.

Before: We hate to bring it up but – the hidden style and cushioning had us thinking deflategate…
After: Touch down! Zimman’s helped this classic armchair bounce back with a rich tribal paisley fabric from a top domestic weaver.

Before: It seems this red sofa wasn’t getting much love for quite some time.
After: But after being re-imagined with Clarence House fabric, we think this may be the start of a beautiful new relationship.

Before: It was hard to see such a (formerly) stylish chair looking so dowdy.
After: But, a brisk breath of new life from the North turned everything around! Now, this elegant piece features button channel fine cotton velvet from the Netherlands (available in 100+ colors) with contrast welt.

Before: This tight back claw foot lounger was a super cool statement piece, but a tad outdated.
After: Now, it’s kept cool but has an added advantage: a sleek modern look and comfortable feel with diamond chenille.

Before: Sometimes a piece in your home isn’t awful – you’ve just grown tired of it! And, that doesn’t mean it’s time to toss it into the dumpster.
After: This sofa was salvaged without having to purchase a new one – though it’s basically new, after undergoing a full restoration topped with Jumper Boucle Herringbone (one of Zimman’s best sellers, available in 80 colors).

Before: This dignified channel back piece was still a stunner at heart – it just needed updating.
After: No longer your grandmother’s chair, this contemporary, white seat now features diamond chenille from a fine Turkish mill and will radiate in any room.

Before: We love the shape of this elegant wingback and appreciate its curved lines – even if it was a little vanilla.
After: Zimman’s sure gave it pizzazz! With luxurious Clarence House cut velvet so pleasing to the touch, this shapely piece now has personality and tons of charm.

Before: This green gem was an antique that was absolutely worth keeping in the family home.
After: Now, this Brightened Eastlake Arts and Crafts chair will remain an heirloom for several generations, with its turquoise hopsack fabric and stately woodwork worth admiring.

Want to re-imagine your favorite home furnishings? Check out Zimman’s now and start your custom re-upholstery job today!