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Best Looks for Winter Weather

With chilling winds, snowdrifts and weather advisories, sometimes it’s difficult to keep your mindset on fashionable winter wear. Style gives way to function, as you reach for the warmest, bulkiest items in your closet to stave off the cold. With these four easy winter weather looks from Uniqlo, there’s no need to be a fashion flake even during the snowiest of days.

Layered Look

Not only is this trend hot, but also it satisfies your need to stay cozy. With the potential to add unwanted bulk, the art of layering can sometimes be intimidating. To keep your girlish figure, start with a slim fitting shirt. Uniqlo’s Stretch Broadcloth long sleeved ones are made with premium Supima cotton, so they boast a slender wear and are perfect for layering. Toss on a soft Cashmere sweater over top, with the shirts tails and collar peeping out, then add leggings or skinnies and a pair of your favorite over-the-knee boots. To complete the look, cover up with a gorgeous draped wool poncho or an open shearling vest for layered style.

Touchable Fabrics

Get the warm and fuzzies about lush, lux fabrics that are popping up everywhere this season. As you hunker down again chilly temps, reach for the shearling, cashmere and faux fur in everything from hats to coats, vests to skirts. It’s hard to resist cozy pieces like Uniqlo’s Faux Shearling Pea Coat to keep you toasty and on-trend. Or look to unexpected places for a bit of fluff, like Uniqlo’s fluffy fleece skirt, stylish with thick tights and a soft sweater. Faux fur vests are open and swingy or structured and shaggy, your choice. Mixing textures is the best way to rock this trend. Think leather with faux fur, denim with shearling. If you would rather have a tiny touch, try adding a faux fur accessories like a hat, or Uniqlo’s Military Hooded Jacket with just a bit of fur.

Sporty Style

Mixing up casual street with polished pieces is this winter’s go-to style. There’s no better time to invest in the comfort of casual sporty style. Think drawstring sweatpants with high heel booties and lux sweaters, or feminine body-skimming hoodies zipped atop mini skirts. Uniqlo’s statement-making Urban Sweats add just the right sense of style when paired with a dressier top and fancier footwear. Or top one of your favorite pants or a leather mini with one of their SPRZ NY sweatshirts for a pop of fun.

Flannel Fun

Check out the checkered trend and consider it the ultimate nod to the ‘90s. You can’t go wrong with Uniqlo’s flannel check long sleeved shirts. The slender fit means you avoid the lumberjack look, and with small and big prints, how bold can you go? Pair with riding boots, untucked and open with a fun T-shirt underneath (maybe a SPRZ NY special edition MOMA graphic T from Jenny Holzer or Sam Francis). Or keep it more feminine by tucking it into a mini flare skirt. When the sleeved are rolled up under a shearling vest with a funky knit hat and jeans, there’s no stopping you.

With all these hot trends and clever styling tips from Uniqlo, you’re sure to warm up to the idea of a fashionable winter.