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Boston’s Best Maids Restore Homes, Faith in Humanity

Peruse our annual Best of Boston guide to view the city’s top service providers, and you’ll find professionally-trained home cleaners you can trust as thoroughly as they clean: The Maids.

The ten-time award-winners have offered custom cleaning solutions for Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire for over 30 years. And, their four-person cleaning crews have earned the locally-owned and operated company a reputation for bringing peace of mind to many.

We spoke with real-life homeowners—including a bi-coastal couple and recently widowed woman— and found out some of the reasons why The Maids are Boston’s most referred professionals.

Splitting time between their New Hampshire and California homes, Jim and Linda have trusted their property and pets with The Maids for over 15 years. We asked them about their long-standing relationship with their East Coast cleaning crew of choice.

Q) What’s your cleaning schedule like with The Maids? Do they clean your New Hampshire house while you’re in California?

We’ve had recurring cleaning services for years where they come every other Thursday for 1.5 hours. They clean our North Hampton, New Hampshire home even when we’re away at our condo in Seal Beach, California.

Q) The Maids offer lots of customized services for regular clients like yourselves. How have they catered to your needs based on your lifestyle?

They consistently giving us a better life through a cleaner home! It’s really more than just a lemon-scented house, it’s a fresh space that always feels so welcoming after they come. Plus, in the past they’ve helped us out by providing services not normally offered, like caring for our cats, Tootsie, Shadow, and Coco while we were away.

Q) I’m sure Tootsie, Shadow, and Coco appreciated that extra help! It must be nice that you can rely on your housekeepers like that. What else makes The Maids your favorite East Coast cleaners?

They’re so thorough and efficient. They come in and are just like worker bees! When they notice something that requires attention, they’ll point it out — even if it’s not on the visit’s checklist. They’re very honest and dependable, and we trust them in our home with our most valuable things, even when we’re away.

When her husband, Arthur of 35 years unexpectedly died one week after they moved from Martha’s Vineyard to Falmouth, Vera desperately sought help settling into her new condo alone. When others ignored her cries for help picking up (and putting away) the pieces still in boxes everywhere, The Maids restored her faith in humanity.

Q) Sorting through boxes, putting away picture frames, and hanging clothes aren’t services typically offered by cleaners. How did you get The Maids to help when no one else you called would?

One day I saw a car with The Maids’ logo on it from my window and called them out of desperation. I couldn’t do it myself, and knew family would have too many questions about where things should go and I couldn’t deal with it.

The Maids were the only home cleaners I called who went above and beyond, offering condolences and saying they’d be there for me during my difficult time.  It was like total humanity!

Q) Did you stay while they unpacked and tell them where to place everything?

I talked to the three lovely women they sent to my place for a couple minutes when they arrived, but I gave them no real direction. I had to just go off and be alone outside of the condo while they worked so left for the hour and a half it took to be done.

Q) What was it like when they left and you returned to an organized space?

When I returned around 4:45pm, what I saw was a total transformation! They were like magicians. It was as though they had read my mind.

They made my bed for me to sleep in for the first time alone since my husband died which was so difficult. They thoughtfully placed family pictures all over the place in a way that I could see them everywhere I went. They even lined up my toothpaste tubes for me and left a personal note saying I’d be in their prayers. It was an act of kindness when I needed it most.

Q) It’s incredible that their kind act was such a huge help in your difficult time. Do you have any last words about your experience?

The Maids assessed my needs, and my needs were that I needed some humanity and compassion.

People in the services industry don’t get the credit they deserve, but The Maids clearly hire great people thanks to a vetting process that’s top drawer. For me, the women from The Maids who helped me were not only a credit to their employer, but to the human race.

When it comes to your personal home cleaning needs, don’t settle for anyone. Visit The Maids online or call 1-800-843-6243 for a free quote. Then, put your trust in Boston’s our favorite home cleaning service that’s referred for a reason.