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5 Best CBD Oil for Dogs – Reduce Pain, Anxiety & Improve Quality of Life

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to get a prescription that gives your pup side effects that are even worse than the ailment you sought out help for. But there’s good news. In recent years, CBD has seen a massive boom and scientific evidence shows how life-changing it can be when incorporated into your pet’s daily routine. You might be dealing with a dog who has mobility issues and whose quality of life has been impacted. Your favorite fluffy friend may be experiencing anxiety that’s either ongoing or spikes during certain events. Your pup may be healing from a necessary surgery and you’re seeking pain relief for him. No matter what’s going on, CBD is packed with benefits your dog can revel in.

The most incredible aspect of CBD is how incredibly versatile it is. It’s as if it knows just how to help your pup, no matter what he’s dealing with. And for dogs that are in great health, CBD helps support that wellbeing to keep them thriving through the years. One of the main reasons pet parents choose to incorporate CBD into their dogs’ lives is because it has virtually no side effects. Your pup gets to enjoy all these amazing benefits without having to deal with any unexpected, uncomfortable reactions. It really is the dreamiest of natural support and it’s widely available. No prescriptions required, just enough knowledge about the CBD market to help you choose a product that does what it says it does. 

Below is a list of the top five CBD oil products for dogs available on the market today. It’s based on a list of specific criteria that guided the search, so it will provide you with only the cream of the crop. 

Top 5 Summary

  1. HonestPaws—Top Choice for Quality and Brand Reputation
  2. CBDPure—Most Budget Friendly Option
  3. Cornbread Hemp—Best for Flavored for Picky Eaters
  4. cbdMD—Best for Product Selection, Including Flavors
  5. Diamond CBD—Most Innovative Product List

How Is This List Put Together?

Always, always look at the ingredient list.

Some brands cut corners and add fillers that are potentially more harmful than they are helpful. CBD requires precision in its ingredient list, as this is what helps with its absorption rate.

Keep an eye on the potency and purity of the CBD oil.

The potency of CBD should always be noted in milligrams in the product description. The higher the potency, the stronger the effects of this natural medicine.

Double-check that brands are testing their products at third-party labs.

Testing provides brands with accountability, allowing them a chance to change their formulas if they don’t meet certain standards.

Look at how transparent each brand is about their products and processes.

A responsible brand often has a page specifically for you to enter your batch information and retrieve lab reports.

Check out customer reviews to be sure they are satisfied with the product and brand.

Customer satisfaction isn’t only about product efficacy, it includes ease of ordering, shipping speed, and customer service should there be an issue.

Best CBD Oil for Dogs—Brand / Vendor Overview

1. HonestPaws—Top Choice for Quality and Brand Reputation


  • Human grade, USDA organic, vegan, non-GMO and gluten free
  • NASC seal—Incredibly strict quality standards
  • Certificate of analysis—Third party tested
  • 2020 Industry Recognition Award
  • Made in the US


  • Occasional low stock due to high demand

HonestPaws has a great reputation and for good reason. They use organic, full spectrum CBD oil to get your pup on a health kick and keep him there. It makes a difference when a CBD company is founded by proud pet owners, as they know what it’s like to have a piece of your heart trotting about on four legs outside your body.  

HonestPaws infuses their company culture with integrity and it’s clear they have a genuine concern for your pet. Their founder knows the intricacies of pet illness, having experienced this with her own lovebug. Having taken all available measures to reduce discomfort in her pet, she felt like she’d hit a wall when the prescribed medication wasn’t guaranteed to work but had a list of adverse side effects that could bring further discomfort. She did what any loving pet parent would do and set on a path to find natural support that could bring her dog relief without any unpleasant side effects. This origin story is especially telling, as this brand was born from the personal experience of a fellow pet owner who found a surprisingly effective natural remedy in CBD.

Now, HonestPaws grows their hemp in Colorado and tests all their products via third-party labs to ensure quality, purity, and potency. They offer a calming CBD oil which is ideal for anxious pups and those that need a helping hand with mood regulation. This CBD oil also helps alleviate the occasional aches and pains and supports an overall healthy quality of life. If that weren’t enough, they also infuse their CBD oil with wellness terpenes, which result in additional benefits, like immune system support and mobility support for joint flexibility.

Customers rave about HonestPaws, relieved to see their pups experiencing the positive effects of daily doses. From reduced anxiety attacks that include shaking and panting to the joy of seeing a pup previously in discomfort settle comfortably into a nap, customers are grateful to have found a product that works and improves quality of life for their beloveds.

Go to Honestpaws.com


2. CBDPure—Most Budget Friendly Option


  • 90-day guarantee
  • Full spectrum CBD
  • Human grade ingredients
  • Natural hemp flavor
  • Strict organic standards


  • Limited product variety

CBDPure was founded in 2016 and their dedication to creating top-rated CBD products has paid off, as they have served thousands of customers. They were founded with the central belief that CBD’s wellness benefits must be made readily available to consumers all over the world. Their products are made with premium full spectrum CBD oil and they also create additional products, including creams and softgels. They continue to work toward expanding their product list with only the highest quality ingredients so your pup can soak in all the benefits of CBD.

CBDPure creates CBD oil for pets that start with organic, vegan ingredients to ensure a clean, non-toxic product that’s safe for consumption and packed with health benefits. They have a universal product available, which is suited for all breed sizes: small, medium or large. Plus, the CBD oil is naturally flavored. With this product, you’re sure to make a fan out of any dog, which ultimately makes daily dosing that much easier.

Customers comment that the flavor is a nice touch and definitely pup-approved. Results vary from customer to customer, as some are able to notice results within a week while others comment they noticed changes after three to four weeks. Either way, the wait is worth it because their dogs are benefitting from CBDPure’s CBD oil and enjoying improved quality of life alongside their owners.

Go to CBDPure.com


3. Cornbread Hemp—Best for Flavored for Picky Eaters


  • Helps your pup’s cell communication
  • 100% all-natural organic ingredients
  • Third party lab-tested
  • Vegan corn dog flavor
  • No dairy or gluten and confirmed non-GMO


  • Shipping is currently limited to U.S. residents

Cornbread has clearly invested in the wellbeing of pets, working devotedly toward the provision of natural medicine that helps pups suffering with discomfort and those needing a boost for overall health. The availability of natural support is especially important when your pup is dealing with sleepless nights and pain that inhibits daily activity. Cornbread recognizes these situations are heart-wrenching and it’s why they work tirelessly to ensure their products are both sufficiently potent and proven effective for your pet’s benefit.

Not only do they focus on creating high-quality products, but they also work toward educating consumers throughout the globe about the life-altering effects of CBD products. They test their products regularly, using third-party labs to ensure their products are always meeting industry standards.

Their CBD oil is developed with full spectrum flower-only extract and includes additional cannabinoids that result in a strong concoction that flows right to the source to administer relief. Their natural healing philosophy wasn’t developed on a whim or as a marketing tactic. In fact, they spent years researching, experimenting, and implementing their findings to produce a product line they stand proudly behind.

You’ll notice they only use natural ingredients (including organic superfoods) and skip any fillers and preservatives to ensure purity and prevent harm. Instead, they keep it simple with distilled hemp seed oil. Hemp Seed oil so your pet’s skin and coat benefit and so he gets an immune boost. Full spectrum oil so your pet enjoys a regulated mood, regulated appetite, and regulated sleep along with relief from any pain or discomfort he may be experiencing.

Go to CornbreadHemp.com


4. cbdMD—Best for Product Selection, Including Flavors


  • Superior broad spectrum formula
  • Multiple concentrations available
  • Guaranteed to be 100% THC-free
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Two flavor options


  • You may have to wait a full 30-day cycle before benefits are noticeable

cbdMD has several different CBD oil products for pets you can choose from. Founded with a mission to make natural wellness support widely available, they offer not only variety, but also work toward empowering customers with CBD education and CBD awareness campaigns. Through industry innovation, their teams work collaboratively to provide a premium product selection that guarantees a THC-free product with only the best broad-spectrum CBD.

cbdMD recognizes it’s not just about quality products and it’s why they also ensure your satisfaction by providing impassioned customer service. They recognize the value of their products and are excited to connect with you to ensure you are getting exactly what you need for your dog. Keeping in line with their high standards, they run all their products through rigorous testing at third-party labs.

cbdMD takes a fun approach to their CBD oil, allowing you to choose between two flavors: peanut butter and natural. This allows you to choose whether you want to sneak a dose in with regular meals using the natural flavor or use the CBD oil as a special treat your pup gets to look forward to daily. You’ll find they have a good range of concentrations, from 150mg to 3000mg per 30ml bottle, which lets you choose the right product depending on the size of your pup.

Always minding your pet’s safety, they ensured their formula is vet-approved, gluten-free, and vegan.


5. Diamond CBD—Most Innovative Product List


  • U.S.-grown hemp
  • Multiple concentrations available
  • Products for three main breed sizes
  • Multiple sales for extra savings


  • May cause dry mouth

Diamond CBD takes their product game to another level, working closely with scientists and doctors to develop high-quality products with notable efficacy. They place major emphasis on their research and development processes, working to keep innovating and producing only the purest of hemp extracts. Each of their products includes a broad profile of cannabinoids and is additionally infused with complementary molecules also found in hemp.

They boast the top 10 products in the CBD market, which is no surprise as they have the most extensive product list of the bunch. In fact, their CBD oil is so popular, it’s won awards. You can find several different products on their website, each formulated specifically for different breed sizes. You’ll find products for small dogs which range in concentration from 25mg to 100mg; for medium dogs which range in concentration from 50mg to 250mg; and finally, for large dogs which range in concentration from 100mg to 550mg.

This variety in products and concentrations allows you to easily purchase the product meant for your pet. Their site recommends you incorporate 8-10 drops of CBD oil once or twice daily. Place directly into your dog’s mouth or include it with their favorite meal topper or treat. You can even drop the product directly into your pup’s drinking water for easy dosing.

Customers are consistently impressed with the variety and efficacy of Diamond CBD’s products. From alleviating situational anxiety (think moving days and thunderstorms) to mood regulation that speaks for itself, customers are relieved to have found a set of products that work perfectly for their dogs’ needs.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Your Dog?

When CBD brands follow proper protocol, from extraction to distillation to refinement, it is a safe natural supplement for your dog. The brands listed above follow these industry standards to ensure THC is safely removed from their CBD oil. Plus, they have each created a formulation specific for pets. This is not the same CBD that you would purchase for a human. Whenever shopping for a CBD product for your dog, be sure to confirm the product is specially formulated for pets.

In addition, each of the brands above uses third-party lab-testing, which offers transparency to consumers. Their claims regarding all products are backed by third-party lab results and that instills confidence in customers when shopping for their pets. Keep in mind that when shopping for your pet, you have several factors to consider.

If you come across a brand that fails to identify an all-natural ingredient list or a method for you to obtain third-party lab test results, you should stay away. Without a strict process that confirms the product is safe and suitable for your pet, your pup could face harmful consequences. Stick with reputable brands and products to ensure you’re providing your pup with a safe, reliable and effective product that follows through with its promises.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Oil?

The beauty of CBD is how adaptable and endlessly beneficial it is. It works through the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is basically the communication channel between CBD and your dog’s nervous system. When you begin incorporating CBD into your dog’s daily routine, your dog’s body responds through the activation of neurotransmitters which aid in the communication of cannabinoid receptors.

Your dog’s body speaks the language of CBD. This is why it’s welcomed so easily into your pup’s body and quickly takes on its most helpful role. CBD benefits your pup in a variety of ways, including:

  • Pain relief, particularly occasional aches associated with common ailments
  • Relief for often overwhelming and debilitating chronic conditions
  • Improved wellbeing throughout lifespan
  • Mood regulation to alleviate daily stress and anxiety
  • Mobility support to assuage joint stiffness and discomfort associated with arthritis
  • Relief from the severity and frequency of seizure disorders, as seen with epilepsy
  • Relief associated with stomach discomfort, including nausea and digestive issues
  • Comfort and ease when dealing with symptoms of cancer

Whether your dog is healthy as can be and you want to get him started on a good CBD regimen for life or you’re dealing with a pup who has mood or pain issues, you’ll notice how much CBD oil can bring wellness and relief into his life. Be patient if you don’t see results right away and let a full thirty-day cycle pass with daily dosing. This way, the CBD can build up sufficiently in your dog’s body to deliver its full benefits. A little goes a long way!

How Much Should I Give My Dog?

If it’s your first time administering CBD to your pup, you’ll want to keep it simple by adhering to the product instructions. Often, this process of determining perfect dosage requires a bit of patience and experimenting; however, the best starting point is the one designated by the manufacturer.

This is because dosages are created based on your pet’s weight. When reviewing a CBD oil product, look for the potency. The potency is outlined in milligrams based on the volume of the bottle (standard bottle size is 30ml). You must always pay mind to the potency as not every 30ml bottle is the same. A dropper full of lesser potency is much, much different than a dropper full of a higher potency.

During the first couple of weeks, sticking to the recommended dose is the best bet. After a full 30-day cycle, you will be able to gauge if that’s the right dose or if you need to adjust to a higher or lesser dose. Every dog is different, just as every human body is different, and when allotted sufficient time, you’ll know how to adjust the dose.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll find the standard dose is 1mg for every 5-10 lbs of body weight.

Does CBD Have Any Side Effects For Dogs?

CBD does have several minor side effects, which you may notice with your own dog once you begin providing daily doses. However, not every dog experiences symptoms. Sometimes, symptoms arise because the dose is too strong for your pet. With time, you can find the dosing sweet spot and the side effects may lessen.

Some of the side effects you can look out for include:

  • Drowsiness, resulting in sluggish behavior and a few extra naps.

While CBD is meant to promote a relaxed mood, there’s a fine line between relaxation and drowsiness. If you notice your pet is unable to keep up with his daily activities, his dose may be too high. Mood regulation and calmness should be subtle, not causing your pup to feel sluggish.

  • Lowered blood pressure, which may have your pup feeling a bit lightheaded.

When your pup is given too strong a dose of CBD, his blood pressure may drop slightly. It’s not a massive difference, but it could be just enough to create symptoms of lightheadedness, which may feel a bit uncomfortable and disorienting for your pet. To avoid accidentally causing this symptom, keep dosing within the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Diarrhea, due to the ingredients in CBD oil.

CBD products are equipped with a carrier oil (like MCT), which has the potential to cause diarrhea. However, these symptoms usually subside after some time. Dogs, like humans, may require some time to adjust to a new natural supplement and may experience symptoms like loose stools as their bodies adjust to the changes.

  • Dry mouth, which can be alleviated with plenty of fresh water. 

CBD may sometimes lessen the production of saliva, which results in a dry mouth. This is a relatively common and minor side effect that can be assuaged with hydration.

If symptoms like drowsiness or diarrhea persist, you should contact your holistic veterinarian to discuss dosage and get your pup feeling comfortable with his CBD intake.


As you now know, not all CBD oil products are created equally. Each of the brands above provides a product with unique attributes for you to choose from. But most importantly, they have made a good name for themselves in the CBD market through their high standards and honest practices. Now you know what to look for when you’re shopping for CBD oil for your dog, so you can provide him with safe, organic products that are not only backed by careful, scientific practices, but also have great customer reviews. From start to finish, these brands are doing it right.

Through the use of natural, high-quality ingredients, a rigorous third-party testing process, and a sincere desire to improve the health of your pet, these brands continue to thrive with a strong customer base. Knowing where to turn when your dog needs natural support is the first step in bringing home some relief. The best part of having multiple brands you can trust is you can try their different products to see which one your dog prefers. Of course, he’ll likely be enticed by the flavored options and those could double as a treat, which will make him feel like a good boy on a daily basis. But no matter which brand you choose, you’ll know you’re getting a product that has been tried and loved by other pet parents just like you.  

Whether you choose a brand based on reputation, awards won, or flavors, you can’t go wrong with any of the brands listed above. Remember to subscribe for future deliveries to save the most money and after purchase, be generous with a review so other pet parents can see how truly miraculous CBD oil is for pets. Here’s to happy shopping!