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City Vibes: How to Design an Unforgettable Wedding Day in Boston

The State Room // Photo credit: Longwood Venues

Creating a memorable wedding experience is not about deep pockets; it’s about focusing on what matters most. As you begin to approach the details of your wedding day, keep your focus on what is truly important for an exceptional experience, not just for you and your future spouse, but for all those you’ve invited. A wedding is a communal gathering of your personal tribes and the first time many of your relatives and friends will meet. So your first step in planning an unforgettable wedding in Boston should be deciding which ‘house’ you’ll gather in to initiate these first precious memories.

The State Room // Photo credit: Longwood Venues

Find a venue that tells your story

Pick a place where you are comfortable and that embodies your vision. The space should show its commitment to its couples through continued improvements and ongoing upkeep. This is the venue’s promise to provide you with a beautiful experience. Look for elements that appear flawless in their simplicity—clean, polished hardwood flooring, elegant and finely tapered chandeliers, a muted but textured wall covering, or a timeless staircase on which to take photos. Also look for enduring features that propel the experience beyond imagination and will leave guests talking long after your last dance: a soaring, two-storied window in the State Room in Downtown Boston, with panoramic views of Boston’s Bay, the iconic Custom House Clock Tower looming within view, or a venue of historical significance like Alden Castle in tree-lined Brookline, where guests will be whisked back to vintage elegance, gathering and feting under the enchanting amber light from the many tapered chandeliers above. These elements will not only add to your unforgettable day, but choosing the right venue will also allow you to confidently move on with other decisions you need to make for your special event.

Alden Castle // Photo credit: Longwood Venues

Be flexible with your wedding date

Weddings are a lot like individuals – they come in all sizes and are born on different days. If your wedding budget is up against a down payment on a home, for instance, you will want to be strategic about your spending. Choose to host your event on a Friday. You will be getting the exact same venue, food, and experience you would have on a Saturday, but will now have extra cash in your pocket and the entire weekend to hang with your guests, should you choose. If you truly want to be a wedding industry insider and maximize your costs, host your wedding on a weekday, a weekend afternoon, or in the middle of an off-month like February. Your wedding professional will guide you.

Alden Castle // Photo credit: Longwood Venues

The joy is in the details

Once your venue is secured, know that refining a few signature details to emboss with your “brand” should be a joyful task. Focus on the overall experience and keep the details simple but elegant. Maybe add some textured linens, choose a single color for all your florals, or connect with your venue’s chef or culinary team to create a custom menu and fine wine pairing. Remember “custom” doesn’t mean “costly.” Your venue’s chef is the expert and has already guided your wedding professional to provide best options for every budget. When you find a venue that provides you these options, has a history of exemplary service standards, and procures local food product that is prepared fresh on site, you may then add the proverbial “bow” to your unforgettable experience.

Weddings aren’t just about the couple and the couple’s vows to each other. Weddings bring people back to the fold—they are a celebration of love with the people we love, with those who have gotten us through and those who will stand by us in the future. Weddings bring us together—and that’s always unforgettable.

Alden Castle // Photo credit: Longwood Venues

For more information about planning your wedding at the State Room or Alden Castle, visit longwoodvenues.com.

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