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Class Up Your Kitchen with These 7 High-End Trends

Photo credit: Crown Point Cabinetry

If the heart of your home is looking a little ho-hum, it’s time to upgrade. Turn your less than inviting kitchen into a cooking oasis fit for entertaining with seven of these high-end features.

Quartz countertops

A mainstay in the kitchen industry, quartz is still the smartest choice in countertops. With an infinite lifespan, the material is anti-microbial, easy to clean, and less maintenance than its granite competitor. You can choose from a variety of colors and realistic stone patterns, but the preference for modern homeowners is muted marble selections like grey, tan, and white.

Photo credit: Crown Point Cabinetry

Smart, stylish storage

For smaller spaces lacking pantries or shelving units, there are several storage solutions that will keep your kitchen immaculate. Drawer dividers and pull-out spice racks are perfect for the little things, while appliance garages and cookware caddies are worth the installation for bigger items.

Photo credit: Crown Point Cabinetry

Custom cabinets

The perfect fit for your home is custom cabinetry. Crown Point Cabinetry excels at creating handcrafted, furniture quality custom cabinetry in an amazing range of styles and durable, oven-baked finishes. Because they are the only custom cabinetmaker to sell direct nationwide, you can work one-on-one with an in-house designer to get the exact kitchen of your dreams.

Flashy backsplashes

Go for mosaic glass tile mixed with natural stone and extend the backsplash to the ceiling. The gorgeous accent brings character to your kitchen and makes an artistic addition to any size space. 

Photo credit: Crown Point Cabinetry

Sizable sinks

Food prep and dishwashing shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, especially in a shared space. A double basin sink allows you to do both without missing a beat. Farmhouse double basin sinks are a popular choice for those who need the duality, but still crave the country home aesthetic.

Photo credit: Crown Point Cabinetry

Multi-purpose islands

Your island can be the catchall center of the kitchen, serving as a breakfast bar, prep station, seating area with stools, wine cooler, and more. Outfit your island with a stainless-steel sink and store your trash and recyclables inside for a truly seamless style.

Lofty lighting

Specialty lighting can take your kitchen to the next level. Add in task lighting above your island or an eye-catching ceiling fixture that will tie your whole look together. Remember: The brighter the kitchen, the easier it is to admire your brand-new features.

For more information on upgrading your kitchen with custom cabinetry, visit crown-point.com.