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How to Rejuvenate Your Look This Spring

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One unexpected byproduct of 2020 was that many of us spent more time than ever staring at our own faces in the corner of our laptop screens. Dubbed the “Zoom effect,” we all became a bit more aware of what we look like—from Monday morning meetings to after-work virtual happy hours. That Zoom effect is likely to be one of the leading impacts on cosmetic trends through 2021, prompting many to focus on fine-tuning elements of their look to boost their confidence.

Another strong influence on 2021 trends is the movement toward self-care. While it’s hardly a new idea, the stressors of the past year taught many the importance of treating yourself, whether in the form of a regular at-home spa night complete with a kid-free bath or boosting your confidence through a treatment you’ve always wanted to try. Ultimately, of course, your unique goals matter more than what’s in vogue. However, the following trends may just provide some inspiration. Click here for our Boston-area resource guide.

Preventative Aging Will Be All the Rage

Fewer people are turning to cosmetic treatments to turn back the clock. Instead, they’re looking to forward-thinking treatments that prevent aging and preserve their youthful look, such as lasers, chemical peels, and Botox. These treatments are particularly popular among younger millennial patients.

“Botox is the perfect pandemic treatment,” says Dr. Madeline Krauss of Krauss Dermatology in Wellesley, noting that you can receive Botox with a mask on, making it a safe treatment to receive while the coronavirus pandemic is still a reality. According to Dr. Krauss, research also shows that Botox may help treat symptoms of depression as well as other health conditions such as chronic migraines. “The joys of Botox are real,” Dr. Krauss says.

When preventing aging, experts also advise patients not to only pay attention to the face. “I see more people looking for surgical and non-surgical treatments for the neck,” says Dr. Sean Doherty. Good skincare and injectables such as fillers can go a long waytoward retaining a youthful look. Dr. Doherty also employs Renuvion® and TempSure™, two modalities that use radiofrequency energy to penetrate the deeper layers of the dermis, heat up the tissue, and promote your body to produce more collagen and elastin.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Will Surge

Once the masks come off, people will want to show off a smile they’re proud of.

“Patients are coming in to see me to change the worn teeth, the yellow teeth, the crowded teeth and the neglected teeth,”says Dr. Anna Berik, a local dentist known for her work in accelerated orthodontics. “They were able to see themselves daily on Zoom calls and they were not happy with their smile and how they looked.”

It’s not too late to get started. Berik uses a combination of accelerated Invisalign, in-office teeth whitening, and crowns to create the smile patients want in as little as four months. More time at home is also a good opportunity to focus on getting your dental hygiene in order. Dr. Sheina Jean-Marie of Sage Family Dental advises many of her patients to focus on aligning their teeth, which greatly impacts gum health. It can also boost the impact of cosmetic procedures such as whitening. “Brightening our smile is great, but bringing optimal function with that smile will have them further outshine in the healthy smile department,” Dr. Jean-Marie says.

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Skin Care Will Be a Form of Self Care

Without the anchors of commutes, work, and school schedules, we can all benefit from a little routine to keep us centered. Enter the skin-care ritual. A few minutes spent on your skin each morning and evening can do wonders both for your skin and by telling your body it’s time to transition into day or night—especially on days when you barely leave the house. More indulgent additions, such as face rollers, will also continue to be popular. As a plus, the daily face massage can also be a good stress-reliever.

After the lockdowns led some to try a more DIY approach to skincare (coffee grounds as an exfoliator, anyone?), there may be a shift back toward doctor-recommended and vetted cleaners, serums, and moisturizers. Similarly, as the world opens back up, patients will likely pursue in-office dermatology treatments to ward off impacts of any neglect during quarantine.

We’ll Be All About the Eyes

With mask-wearing, our eyes have quickly become our most defining feature, which is already leading to a surge in interest around eye procedures. Saggy and baggy skin around the eyes are natural signs of aging, and not even the best lighting setup for video meetings can take away the tired look. Eyelid treatments, however, can make a huge difference with little downtime.

Dr. Ioannis P. Glavas, a Boston-based eyelid specialist, says most of his patients are concerned with dark circles, baggy lower lids, heavy upper lids or are seeking eyelash enhancements.

“Obviously the gold standard for upper eyelid rejuvenation is an eyelid lift or blepharoplasty,” Dr. Glavas says. “But for people that are not ready to have surgery there are several noninvasive procedures that can provide pretty impressive results without the downtime of surgery.”

Those less-invasive options include lights, lasers, and injectable products such as neurotoxins and fillers.


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