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How to Rejuvenate Your Look This Spring

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Everyone wants to feel fantastic in their own skin, and with spring just around the corner, now may be the right time for an update. Whether you’re dreaming of pearly white teeth or a more dramatic change, here’s some advice on getting the most out of your cosmetic treatments.

3 Proven Ways to Care for Your Skin
The Benefits of Rhinoplasty
3 Dental Myths, Busted

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Love the Skin You’re In

Caring for your skin after cosmetic surgery can help you minimize the downtime and scarring and get back to your daily routine with ease.

Stay Safe in the Sun

Turns out our mothers were right about the necessity of aggressively applying sunscreen before stepping outside. Protecting skin post-procedure is even more important, as sun exposure can darken scars permanently. After about two weeks of healing, you can start applying SPF 30 or higher. Apply sunscreen year round—not just in summer, and keep your scars covered for about a year. If recovering from a face procedure, a big beach hat is a great added barrier of protection.

Build a Skin Care Routine

Using gentle, nourishing products on the scars can help them to fade faster. Look for paraben-free cleansers without harsh chemicals, and massage gently onto your skin—avoid scrubbing. Keeping the healing area moisturized is also key to speeding up recovery and minimizing visibility. Petroleum jelly is an affordable and gentle option that you likely already have in your medicine cabinet. After cleansing and moisturizing, feel free to dab on a little concealer as well.

Hydrate & Start Slow

Drinking plenty of water will rejuvenate your skin from the inside out—whether you had a minor treatment or a more extensive operation. You may be able to take slow strolls soon after your procedure, which can help increase blood flow and speed up recovery time, but don’t sign up for the office dodgeball league just yet. Avoid strenuous activities for about two to three weeks. Once you get clearance to exercise from your doctor, start easy and remember to slather on the SPF for outdoor workouts.

Number to Note: 121,531 people in the U.S. received a facelift in 2018, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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The Nose Knows

Three benefits of rhinoplasty you might not have considered.

Could the linchpin to your health and wellbeing be right under your nose? While much has been made of everything from gut health to skin health, nasal health doesn’t really get talked about. Nose structure is critical not only for your appearance but also for your health. There are many benefits of getting your nose in tip-top shape.

Look Better

Simple tweaks to your nose can positively impact your self-esteem. From correcting a deviated septum to fixing a collapsed nostril, nasal procedures can improve your look and the all-important function of your nose at the same time. Different issues in structure can have a negative effect on the nose’s appearance and function. Asymmetry can cause a feeling of stuffiness, while a snub nose can increase nosebleeds. The aesthetic benefits of an improved nose can go beyond the look of your nose to your whole body. When you breathe deeply through your nose, your lungs fully expand, which realigns your spine and improves your posture—so if you have a neck ache after hunching over your computer all day, proper breathing might be the cure.

Perform Better

Unobstructed breathing delivers more oxygen to your body, which provides a whole range of positive health effects. Your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood, and the resulting lower blood pressure can reduce the strain on your heart and improve its overall function. Cardiovascular performance during exercise can improve, and even your sleep may become more consistent and restful.

Feel Better

Getting more oxygen to the brain more consistently improves the function of the amygdala and the hippocampus, the areas of the brain in charge of emotions and memory. Put simply—nasal breathing can boost your mental state. Being able to breathe properly through your nose could also save yourself a trip to the dentist by preventing mouth breathing, which can have disastrous consequences on your oral health.

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3 Dental Myths, Busted

Don’t let misinformation keep you from a brighter, better-aligned smile.

MYTH: Braces are just for kids.

TRUTH: It’s never too late to address issues like crooked teeth or jaw disorders to get a perfect smile. Adults are also great candidates for more aesthetically appealing options like Invisalign.

MYTH: Veneers are painful and invasive.

TRUTH: Your surface enamel may need to be slightly reshaped with the help of some anesthetic to relieve any pain, but your smile will retain its unique look.

MYTH: Whitening isn’t for people with sensitive teeth.

TRUTH: Using special toothpaste before, and a desensitizing gel or rubber teeth guards during, the procedure can help you overcome potential discomfort.


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