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Design Insider: How to Get Custom Cabinets On a Budget

Family-owned and operated, Crown Point Cabinetry handcrafts the finest quality custom cabinetry for your home. Now, with Crown Select, they provide the same fit and finish, the same quality of materials, the same craftsmanship in a more cost-effective line. They do this by limiting endless customization to allow for a more efficient cabinetmaking process, while still providing the most desirable styles, finishes, details, and options. Their furniture quality cabinetry is protected by the same oven-baked paints and topcoat and handcrafted by the same artisans famous for crafting Crown Point Cabinetry. Because Crown Select is custom-built for your home, you always get the best fit. And, as in their Crown Point line, they only sell direct. This allows you to acquire custom inset, beaded inset, or frameless cabinetry at a budget-friendly price.

Crown Select provides custom-fit cabinetry at a budget-conscious price.

Various beautiful finishes include stained woods and gorgeous paint.

Crown Select offers many details and options for your home.

For those who don’t need full customization, Crown Select’s limited customization is the perfect fit.

Learn more about how custom cabinetry can transform your home at crownselect.com.