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Trailblazers: Dream Spa Medical

Meet Dream Spa Medical Owner and CEO Diana Brouillard and Owner and COO Leah Mofford. Established in 2013, DSM has undergone a remarkable transformation from a small business to an innovative, three-establishment company. Brouillard and Mofford have propelled DSM to the forefront of the aesthetic industry, consistently introducing groundbreaking treatments and exploring ways to enhance experiences, ensuring that everyone receives the best results. DSM proudly holds the distinction of being the first in Massachusetts to introduce certain cutting-edge technologies, earning prestigious titles such as “Best of Boston” in both 2022 and 2023. With Boston origins, Brouillard and Mofford are passionate about serving local communities. They draw inspiration from their own families, witnessing values of hard work and perseverance that form the foundation of DSM. The pair remain rooted in the belief that their story can inspire others. DSM is not just a business; it’s a mission to empower and spread positive self-confidence.

Brookline, Canton & Foxborough, MA
508- 978-1769
dreamspamedical.com |  @dreamspamedical

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