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Dream Spa Medical

Diana Bouillard and Leah Mofford | CEO and COO

Dream Spa Medical was founded in 2013 and has evolved from a scratch practice to a comprehensive medical aesthetic facility with two locations. It’s where business meets beauty. Diana Brouillard is a hands-on optimistic entrepreneur who believes in empowering people. Seeing the opportunities in situations instead of barriers, she jumped into the field of aesthetics to create Dream Spa Medical and knew it would be successful. Leah Mofford, a pioneer in the aesthetic industry, was the catalyst for Dream Spa Medical’s advancement. Her passion lies in procuring medical aesthetic experiences that give people their maximum outcomes, and she thrives on passing her knowledge on to the team so that they can make a difference in their patients’ lives. This dynamic duo has a vision that’s contagious and draws like-minded talent in the aesthetic medicine industry. Their priority is to create a culture of personal and professional growth for those who come in contact with their brand.

Dream Spa Medical
Canton and Brookline, MA | 617-906-8115

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