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Dress For Your Body Shape Quiz

Shot 6 Final

Fact: Certain body shapes should dress in certain styles for the most flattering look. But comparing apples to pears is tough if you don’t know what frame you have. When it comes to dresses, should you wear a low cut wrap or a crew neck fit and flare? Are you a maxi girl or do your legs crave a mini?

Here’s a quick quiz to help you figure out where you fall within the four main body shapes: boyish, hourglass, pear and apple. Once you know, you can start to accentuate the positive, play down the negative and wear the best styles for your body. NIC+ZOE can help.

Your ideal Saturday afternoon outfit is:
A. a flowing maxi dress and sandals
B. a loose tunic and leggings
C. a flirty sundress and heels
D. anything Lululemon and a pair of New Balance

The celebrity who most closely resembles your shape is:
A. Beyonce
B. Catherine Zeta-Jones
C. Kate Winslet
D. Cameron Diaz

Your best asset is:
A. your booty
B. your narrow hips and long legs
C. the “girls,” of course
D. your toned shoulders and arms

How would you best describe your body:
A. I’m all about the booty.
B. My biggest part is definitely my waist.
C. I’ve got a womanly shape and I love it!
D. I’m basically the opposite of curvy.

Where’s the first place you gain weight?
A. In my thighs
B. In my waist
C. Up top
D. There’s not really one particular place I gain weight.


Mostly As, you’re a pear-shaped woman.

With your fuller hips, strong thighs and a smaller top, your main focus should be to balance out your body’s look. Fill your closet with dresses that boast A-line skirts, but don’t go too full or it’ll be too much of a good thing. You can also draw attention away from your lower body by bringing the gaze up with a plunging V-neck or embellished neckline. NIZ+ZOE’s Belted Mesh Party Dress does both. This multi-layered mesh frock has a double V neckline, a flattering empire waist and flirty full skirt. The detachable faux leather belt creates a nice break in the color for a flattering look.

Mostly Bs, you’re an apple-shaped woman.

Also known as “round” or “oval,” you have a larger bust and a thick waist, along with thinner legs. To create the illusion of a tiny waist and elongate the appearance of your torso, choose a style like NIC+ZOE’s Traveling Twirl Dress. The thick black band within the patterned knitwear along the mid-section slims your waist, while the sophisticated patchwork of color and print draws attention to other areas. The feminine fit and flare style also creates a stylish feminine silhouette.

Mostly Cs, You’re an Hourglass woman.

Marilyn Monroe has nothing on you. You are enjoying a womanly figure, with a voluptuous chest, thin waist and curvy hips. You’ll want fabrics that skim your body for the most feminine look, along with enough coverage to avoid revealing too much. The easy fit and flare shape of NIC+ZOE’s Cracked Panels Twirl Dress complements your natural curves with knitwear ease and graphic panels. The sophisticated color palette and pattern emphasize an hourglass frame perfectly.

Mostly Ds, you have a Boyish frame.

An athletic shape with narrow hips, undefined waist and smaller chest, this body type craves the curves of a more feminine frame. You can easily create the illusion of being a girly girl with bold patterns and cinches in all the right places. Create waist definition with the intriguing pattern of the Oil Painting Dress. Reminiscent of an opulent piece of art, this knit dress fades elegantly from dark to light in long brushstrokes of rich earth tones. The cowlneck gives the illusion of a nice bust line, while the twisted knot creates a complimentary drapey shape to fit and flatter.