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Expand your color palate

Fall is typically a time where we cozy into the deeper shades of the season. Closets are full of comfy gray sweaters, worn-in dark denim and scuffed just enough black riding boots. Even though this time of year is all about enveloping yourself in comfort, it’s also a great time to test your bravery with new bold styles. It’s bad enough the skies are gray, your wardrobe shouldn’t follow suit.

Step outside your comfort zone by adding a splash of color to your outfits. Uniqlo has tips, tricks, and just the right pieces to make you happy you did.

The LB(lue)D
We all know the typical Little Black Dress, but how about grabbing a blue frock instead of the typical black. Choose a rich shade of cobalt, indigo or turquoise and you have an instant eye-popping outfit. It’s a simple twist on adding color that’s easy for all to embrace. There are several fall dresses to choose from Uniqlo, such as the Sweat Dress, the Flare Sleeveless and the Extra Fine Marino Flair. Pair one with neutral tights and boots for classic fall style.

A Simple Scarf
Update a conservative neutral outfit in a second by incorporating bold colors and patterns with a simple scarf. From prints to solids, the colors up for grabs run the gamut. Check out Uniqlo’s SPRZ NY Stoles to turn your monochromatic outfit into a dazzling one. Printed in a rainbow of colors and prints, the collection is a shout out to our culture’s most fun and artistic icons in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art. Find a few favorites among the Andy Warhol flowers and skulls, the scribble wonderland of Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring’s playful figures.

A Colored Cardi
There’s nothing easier than tossing on a cardigan sweater to ward off both the chilly fall air and the boredom of a plain old outfit. The extra fine merino V neck cardigan from Uniqlo is a great way to add color. They come in nine bright shades (alongside four basic neutrals), are super soft, and play nicely with pretty much any outfit you might introduce them to.

Tanks Bring a Pop
Business wear doesn’t have to be boring. Even if you don a blazer or suit daily, it doesn’t mean you’re a snoozefest. Try a brightly colored camisole under your neutral jacket. Uniqlo’s Supima cotton camis and tanks come in a variety of snazzy shades and look fantastic when popping out from underneath a more conservative top layer.

Wrap it Up with a Belt
Adding color becomes a cinch when you use a bright and bold belt with your outfit. Uniqlo’s washed narrow colored belt in fire engine red, cobalt blue or royal purple is perfect over a gray sweater, black dress, or even just looped through the waist of a pair of neutral pants.

Neutrals are classic, but color adds punch and personality. Whether it’s a brilliant blue, a powerful red or any other hue on the wheel that strikes your fancy, with a little know-how you can boost any outfit and color everyone impressed.