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Expert Advice: How to Meet Your Perfect Match

Executive Matchmakers Jill Vandor, Laura Paluch and Jaime Jennings

Executive Matchmakers Jill Vandor, Laura Paluch and Jaime Jennings

If you’re like most Boston singles, you probably agree there are plenty of proverbial fish in the sea. But when your goal is to spark a lasting relationship with the perfect person, you might find your options eventually flounder. After all, even attractive, successful professionals who easily snag dates like they’re shooting fish in a barrel need help reeling in a perfect catch for the long haul.

That left us wondering: what do professional matchmakers know that even the most eligible singles don’t?

We chatted with Jill Vandor, Executive Matchmaker of Boston’s locally-owned and operated professional matchmaking service, LunchDates and fell in love with her simple tips for forging happier, more meaningful relationships.

Tip 1: Know what you want

It may seem obvious, but whether you need encouragement after a break-up or are simply looking for a more dignified way to meet like-minded professionals like yourself, you can’t go after what you want if you don’t know what that is. That’s why Jill and the rest of the LunchDates team encourage daters to think honestly from the start. LunchDates begins the membership process with a casual, in-depth interview that delves into what each client is looking for.

“A great deal of our membership is made up clients who have been referred to us by current and former clients, so we are starting off with a level of trust” Jill explained. “And, this is what makes being set up with the quality men and women we service in Boston, New Hampshire and Rhode Island less nerve-racking as they love the time-tested quality of service we provide.”

“My matchmaker did a great job listening to me and had a keen sense of understanding what I’m really looking for in a relationship” said George, a happy client who backed that notion up by recounting his experience discovering his ideal date. “My matchmaker’s skills enabled her to match me with the best connection I could have imagined!”

And while men are from Mars and women are from Venus, female client, Heather agreed. “They do a great job listening to who I want to be matched with and then finding that person for me. I feel like they understand me and what I am looking for in a life partner!”

Tip 2: Put yourself out there and make real connections

Plastering questionable selfies all over dating sites can be an awkward way to try and meet quality people. It also may not be the safest option either. Although there are many great sites and services out there, not all are created equal. There is a direct correlation between providing less information in creating your profile to the seriousness of the people you will be meeting. Furthermore, crimes linked to online dating have more than doubled in three years according to the Daily Mail.

Don’t just put yourself out there simply for the act of doing so. Online dating can be time consuming. One-third of people who use online dating sites never actually end up going on a date.

Men and women who seek the help of experts also often feel much safer in the process of getting out there and being more proactive in finding love. “They restored my hope” said one member. “It is challenging to meet quality people who have similar values, goals, and interests and are willing to be vulnerable and honest to that end. LunchDates provides a safe avenue and quality insight which helps to establish trust and facilitates working through the dating process.”

Tip 3: Find the right scene

The same way you should be honest with yourself when it comes to your idea of a perfect mate, you shouldn’t kid yourself when it comes to your ideal courting scenario. What will help make dating even more fun will be feeling comfortable off the bat without having a tense guard up.

Avoid the bar scene and the endless letdowns that come with it. Take comfort knowing that your match has also been screened by the LunchDates team and that you wouldn’t even be on your way to dine with them if an expert didn’t think you’d hit it off and enjoy the date.

“I have asked my married friends for help and tried online dating and going out alone in hopes of finding someone to share my life with, but LunchDates beats them all in terms of hassle-free, minimal anxiety meeting new people experiences” said one satisfied client who feels at ease being in proper hands who take care of all the details, large and small.

Tip 4: Learn from the past

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in their dating lives is not learning from the past.  Although no two relationships are the same, it is not unusual to see people date the same kind of people over and over. Whether it’s dating someone who is not emotionally available, a workaholic who puts their relationships on the backburner or the bad boy (or girl) who doesn’t treat you well, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that you are the person who is going to change them.

Clients of LunchDates always have their matchmakers to help coach them through the tough times and ultimately achieve their goals in the end. They get their client’s feedback by following up on how the date went and what they liked or didn’t like about their match. This helps the matchmakers focus on the best possible future matches.

Ready to meet your ideal partner? Keep this expert dating advice in mind and contact a friendly LunchDates matchmaker for more tips to help find that special catch you won’t want to throw back.