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FBN Construction

Larissa Cook | Executive Vice President

Since 1978, FBN Construction has evolved into a well-respected residential construction firm in the greater Boston area. Fifteen years ago, Larissa Cook decided to step outside of her comfort zone to enter a male-dominated industry she knew would be challenging. Throughout her years of building relationships, hard work, dedication, and mentorship from owner Bob Ernst, she has emerged as the Executive Vice President. Transparency, honesty, collaboration, and a mindset of always doing the right thing have been critical to her success both at FBN and within the industry. 

Additionally, Cook is the New England Chapter President of the International Furnishings and Design Association’s (IFDA). She feels that Boston has a great design community, and it is critical to support your industry partners, students, and young professionals. She hopes that her success demonstrates that anything is possible and there are barriers waiting to be broken.

FBN Construction
Boston| 617-333-6800

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