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Score Glasses for Game Day: Men’s Eyewear Picks from Linda Holliday

Photo credit: Kerry Brett

It’s game time for the New England Patriots and Linda Holliday is taking a time out to provide her picks for the best men’s eyewear – both on and off the field.

It’s important for men to remember their fashion statement isn’t just limited to clothes, shoes, hats and even (sorry, fellas) hoodies. Men could spend countless time and money on a wardrobe of beautiful custom-designed suits, yet somehow still wear their glasses from high school. The right eyewear can add the finishing touch to every look, helping to create a timeless signature style. Linda’s go-to glasses stop is Envision Boston Optometry.

Come on, guys! It’s time to up your game.

Linda Holliday is the Executive Director of the Bill Bellichick Foundation. Join her and Coach Bill Bellichick at the Bill Bellichick Foundation’s annual fundraiser, the Hall of Fame Huddle on November 3. Learn more and purchase tickets at billbelichickfoundation.org/events.

Photo credit: Kerry Brett (with permission from N Magazine)

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