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House of Blues Foundation Room Membership Comes with Big Perks

House of Blues is known for showcasing up-and-coming (and already-there) singers and bands at their legendary clubs around the country. What you may not know is that they offer membership in the House of Blues Foundation Room, which offers a host of custom-tailored benefits and experiences.

Jon Timbas, Foundation Room sales manager in Boston, says it’s a “hidden gem” of the city — kind of a retreat in the Fenway Park neighborhood. The Foundation Room, located upstairs at House of Blues, has its own private bar, lounge, upscale restaurant and washrooms. Members and/or their guests can use the luxurious, exotically decorated space before and after concerts, as well as before Red Sox games. It’s a place to party in the midst of the Lansdowne Street action … with coveted benefits and top-notch service.

The exclusive Foundation Room offers both corporate and individual memberships available in three tiers—Gold, Silver and Bronze. Regardless of the membership tier, all Foundation Room members receive advance notification and first-choice ticket access to House of Blues events, quarterly member appreciation events with a hosted bar, discounted or complimentary parking and more. Members can also rent out the Foundation Room to accommodate their own special events —something especially popular with corporate members.

In addition, members are permitted to have guests in the room at any time — even if they are not there. The number of guests allowed varies by membership level, but Timbas says that having a place to entertain is a really good perk. A real plus for members is that they can notify the Foundation Room’s concierge service and make arrangements for their guests to have access without having to join them. This is particularly good for out-of-town visitors.

Although the Bronze-level membership is very popular and includes that invaluable pre- and post-concert access and in-and-out privileges during events, the Silver and Gold levels offer added benefits. Silver and Gold members are entitled to national membership to Foundation Room locations around the United States. In addition, they receive advanced concert notification and ticket access for select Live Nation events — not just those at House of Blues locations.

Gold members, however, reel in the most rewards. They are entitled to $1,200 in annual food and beverage coupons ($100 per month) that come in really handy at HOB events. They also become members of ClubCorp®, giving them unprecedented access to more than 200 VIP clubs around the world, including 115 world-class golf courses and 110 private dining clubs.

Regardless of the membership tier, Timbas says the Foundation Room’s “main goal is to provide members with a personalized VIP experience each and every time.” They accomplish that — and more.

The Foundation Room supports House of Blues Music Forward Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. “Based in California, it brings together people of diverse backgrounds,” Timbas says, “and lets them know about music history.” Once a month during the school year, children are invited to the Blues School House to learn about the role of music and culture in social change.

One of the Foundation’s main event occurs every holiday period and offers opportunities for young and emerging musicians. Two hundred children are invited to write essays about the kind of musical instrument they would like to use and then 10 are awarded with an instrument to use throughout their careers.

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