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How to Make Beauty and Wellness Part of Your Monthly Self-Care Routine

Photo credit: Rachel G. Photography

Between work, family, and the daily responsibilities of life, it’s hard to schedule some time just for you. But maintaining a monthly self-care routine can actually help you manage your stress factors and replenish your emotional and physical health.

Here are just a few ways to take care of yourself each and every month.

Make time for a massage. In addition to helping you relax, studies have found that massages have amazing health and wellness benefits. One monthly massage can promote muscle relaxation, increase circulation, reduce stress, target chronic muscular tension, eliminate toxins, enhance sleep, alleviate anxiety, and build up your body’s natural defense system for immunity.

Skincare is self-care. Beauty is truly skin deep, so start a skincare routine with long-lasting benefits. Exfoliate your body with a scrub or polish to reduce the appearance of cellulite, then detoxify and hydrate your skin with a mask or wrap. Focus on your face with a rejuvenating facial to eliminate acne, dark circles, and age lines. Both body treatments and facials result in silky smooth skin to leave you feeling younger and fresher than ever.

Photo credit: Rachel G. Photography

Hydrate your hair. Just like the rest of your body, your hair suffers damage from environmental factors and weather exposure. With summer around the corner, you want to protect your locks from losing moisture due to UV rays and chlorinated swimming pools. Continuously trim your tresses to avoid split ends and schedule regular deep conditioning treatments to maintain your shiny ‘do.

Nurture your nails. A manicure and pedicure combo is key to keeping your hands and feet looking gorgeous, but a quick trip to the salon is more beneficial than you think. The massage you receive during a manicure and pedicure can increase blood circulation in your hands and feet and improve joint mobility, while allowing you to destress. The treatments also improve the health of your nails and skin with deep cleaning and exfoliation.

Photo credit: Rachel G. Photography

Try an alternative therapy. Regular holistic therapies provide new approaches to stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki is a gentle treatment that balances energy with light to zero pressure releasing energy blockages. Reflexology accomplishes the same with techniques applied to the reflex zones of the feet to promote all-over healing.

Hitting every task on this head-to-toe checklist can be daunting. That’s why G2O Spa + Salon offers two types of monthly memberships packed with perks and special services for your beauty and wellness needs.

The silver membership includes one therapy service per month from the G2O Membership Menu, a choice of one complimentary salt cave halotherapy session or one virtual meditation session, 15 percent off additional spa services, 15 percent off additional salon services, a monthly product sample gift bag, 10 percent off retail purchases, and unlimited usage of the sauna, steam room, locker room, fireside lounge, and relaxation lounge on the day of your booked services, plus robes and slippers. The gold membership includes all of the above, but ups the ante with a $50 monthly retail shopping credit and both the salt cave halotherapy and guided virtual meditation sessions each month.

Photo credit: Rachel G. Photography

Self-care shouldn’t be a luxury; it should be part of your lifestyle. With all of these G2O member benefits, there’s never been more incentive to make monthly self-care a priority! For more information on how you can obtain a silver or gold membership, visit g2ospasalon.com.