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Trailblazers: Jill Adler

Jill Adler had a passion for collecting tile and turned it into DiscoverTile, an industry leading success. In 1998, Adler identified and addressed several competitive advantages and unmet market needs and opened DiscoverTile in the most competitive marketplace in New England. It worked.

DiscoverTile is successful because they add value where it counts. By partnering with the best suppliers in the world, and employing like-minded, enthusiastic professionals, Adler built an award-winning showroom widely acclaimed for its approachability, enthusiasm, creativity, expertise, reliability, and ethos.

DiscoverTile is the kind of welcoming place where a client with just a single idea (“sunny, spa, beachy”) to others with complex, well-defined needs (exclusive hotels, restaurants) will be inspired and guided to create a unique space that delights. DiscoverTile cares and it shows.

DiscoverTile LLC
Boston | 617-330-7900
discovertile.com | @discovertile

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