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5 Must-Have Upgrades for Your Dream Bathroom

Photo credit: TOTO U.S.A, Inc.

After a long day, you deserve a space to rest and unwind. That’s why your bathroom needs to operate beyond simply functional; it should serve as a relaxing retreat in your very own home.

If you want to take your master bath from just okay to an amazingly modern display, here are five bathroom remodel ideas you should consider—and how you can get the expert help you need from five local showrooms, including a brand-new space in Weymouth.

Photo credit: TOTO U.S.A, Inc.

A two-piece toilet with washlet system

Take your toilet to the next level. The Aquia IV Washlet S550e Two-Piece Toilet is a dual-flush toilet with an attached washlet with a neatly concealed power cord and water supply hose so your bathroom stays both sleek and stylish. The toilet has a Dynamax Tornado flush system that is powerful yet quiet, a soft-close seat, an automatic open and close lid, heated seat with temperature control, automatic air deodorizer, warm air dryer, night light, and chrome push button. The Cefiontect ceramic glaze also prevents debris and mold from sticking the surface to make your cleaning duty that much easier.

Photo credit: TOTO U.S.A, Inc.

An instant bidet

If you’re inspired by luxurious European bidets, there’s a way to add that elegant experience to your home. The TOTO Washlet is an electronic bidet seat that cleanses you with comfortable, warm water after toileting for an extra clean feeling. Using water is a more hygienic and eco-friendly alternative to using toilet paper. Plus, the washlet uses a Premist function that sprays the bowl before each use to prevent waste buildup and ewater+ uses electrolyzed water to keep the bowl sanitary without the use of harsh chemicals. It’s a win-win.

Photo credit: TOTO U.S.A, Inc.

A high-tech, hands-free faucet

Hands-free is hassle-free. With the ZN sensor-operated faucet, there’s no need for levers or buttons to touch, so there’s no need to worry about accidentally leaving the water running. The automatic faucet also features balanced streams of water for a soft, gentle pour, causing virtually no splatter when washing your hands. Not to mention, its gorgeous design inspired by naturally flowing water makes it fit seamlessly with any bathroom décor.

Photo credit: TOTO U.S.A, Inc.

A dual-functioning shower

A mounted shower head is the contemporary classic feature of bathroom, but a handheld design allows you more flexibility when it comes to rinsing and cleaning. But why should you have to choose? The Connelly collection by TOTO offers this shower trim and diverter with a five-and-a-half-inch single function shower head, plus a matching four-and-a-half-inch handheld shower with five functions. The Connelly collection also offers a range of products like bathtubs, lavatories, faucets, and toilets, including a two-flush system in the two-piece toilet for utmost water-saving ability.

Photo credit: TOTO U.S.A, Inc.

A futuristic, self-cleaning toilet

Meet the Mercedez-Benz of toilets. The Neorest NX2 dual-flush toilet from TOTO won both iF and reddot awards for design in 2018. It utilizes a bacteria-neutralizing ultraviolet light and a titanium dioxide-fired toilet bowl to initiate a photocatalytic process to break down microscopic waste particles. In addition, the toilet is remote control-operated with a tornado flushing system, an automatic toilet seat to open and close through sensor operation, a heated seat with temperature control, an air deodorizer, night light, and warm air dryer function. Now, what can your current toilet do?

Want all the features of this beautiful bathroom, but don’t know where to start? Republic’s Collection is a premier bathroom showroom with interactive displays and industry experts to guide you through the products that will work best in your home, working with all styles and budgets. Check out your nearest showroom in Norwood, Framingham, North Grafton, Pembroke, and now Weymouth (one of the only showrooms in the South Shore that has the new Neorest NX2 on working display). Let the professional sales consultants steer you in the right direction so you can focus on making that dream bathroom a reality.

Weymouth showroom // Photo credit: Hannah Oxley

For more information on designing your own beautiful bathroom, visit republicscollection.com