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No Gym Membership Required: How These Patients Saw Results Within Weeks

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You’ve probably heard the buzz by now about EMSCULPT, the latest nonsurgical body contouring trend that reduces fat and builds muscle. But how do you know if it’s right for you?

Dan completed treatments for Emsculpt.

Dan had his doubts, too. A 58-year-old general contractor of 25 years and a frequent skier and sailor, Dan enjoyed an active lifestyle, but wasn’t exercising regularly. When a friend suggested EMSCULPT, he wasn’t sure it would work.

“She said it would be a great jumpstart for getting the results I was looking for faster,” Dan says. “Honestly, I was skeptical. I tend to think that easy solutions aren’t very effective.”

However, once Dan started treatments, he changed his mind.

“After the first day, I definitely felt something I didn’t expect,” he says. “I really did feel like I had a hardcore workout. My core area felt tighter and I felt like I had done a lot of sit-ups.”

Dan quickly fell into a rhythm for the following treatments. With four 30-minute appointments within two weeks, he was achieving a clear transformation.

“After the third treatment, I noticed that my stomach was flatter and I had a lot of energy, similar to the feeling you get after a good run,” Dan says. “When they showed me the before and after photos after the fourth treatment, I was impressed with the visible results.”

Dan’s transformation

Tabitha, a 30-year-old new mom looking to lose weight after her recent pregnancy, was doing everything right. But working full-time with a 6-month-old baby didn’t leave her much time for exercise.

“I’m a very healthy eater and always have been,” says Tabitha. “I don’t eat red meat and I mainly stick to vegetables and poultry. Lately, I haven’t been active, and I didn’t work out at all during this treatment.”

Tabitha and her baby girl

Tabitha says she saw results about two months after trying EMSCULPT. “I was happy and shocked when I saw my pictures,” she says. “Many people tell me I look great and it looks like I lost a lot of weight.”

Both Tabitha and Dan thank Dr. Fechner and his staff at Fechner MD Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa for helping them build better bodies and put their minds at ease with the new experience.

“Dr. Fechner and his staff are knowledgeable and interested in helping people look their best,” Dan says. “They provided a professional and comfortable environment that made the whole process enjoyable, so I looked forward to my appointments.”

Tabitha’s transformation

Tabitha offers a few words of advice for those considering giving this cutting-edge trend a try.

“Be realistic with the results and be patient,” she says. “EMSCULPT is great for patients who need the boost. For someone who is in my situation after having a baby or someone who just can’t tighten their stomach after exercise, this is the treatment for you.”

For more information and to schedule a private consultation with one of the specialists at Fechner MD Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa, visit drfechner.com. Dr. Fechner is a Double Board Certified plastic surgeon who is a leading specialist in facial plastic surgery. The Medical Spa offers a full array of aesthetic services.