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Five Clever Ways to Personalize Your Wedding, From a Local Expert

wychmere beach club

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With many weddings on hold, engaged couples have had a little more time to perfect their plans—especially when it comes to customizing the ceremony and reception. When events do resume in full force, personalized elements will become more important than ever, says Lindsay Sullivan, a Senior Event Specialist at Wychmere Beach Club in Harwich Port, Massachusetts.

“When the industry gets back to normal, people are definitely going to focus more on family and tradition,” she says. “The big picture now is that you’re there with family, you’re there with your friends, and everyone’s healthy. Just have fun.”

With its à la carte services and dedicated event specialist team, Wychmere Beach Club knows a thing or two about creating personalized events. Get Sullivan’s tips on making your special day extra special with some of her favorite ideas below.

The Ceremony

Wychmere Beach Club Beach Ceremony Beach Balls

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Let the setting inspire a ceremony tailored to the two of you. Given Wychmere’s picturesque seaside location on Cape Cod, some couples have opted to do a beach ball toss after the “I do’s” in lieu of traditional rose petals or rice, Sullivan says. Some Wychmere weddings have even incorporated a memorable exit into the program, organizing for a sailboat or wooden yacht to whisk the couple away to the cocktail hour.

The Food

wedding food scallops

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A flexible venue paired with the talented culinary staff at Wychmere will help couples create a menu reflective of their backgrounds or philosophy. Sullivan has worked on an all-vegan menu for one set of newlyweds and had a colleague orchestrate a traditional pig roast for a Polynesian client.

In one memorable instance, the Wychmere staff recreated a bride’s family recipe for the final course. “It was a dessert that the grandmother had always made for them on special occasions,” Sullivan says. “It’s a little bit different making it for 200 people as opposed to six, but our chef was more than happy to do it and it came out great. The bride was completely blown away that we had recreated this for her on her special day.”

The Drinks

wedding cocktails margaritas

Signature cocktails are nothing new in the wedding world, but Sullivan has planned some unique twists for couples’ drink menus. Mini margaritas—complete with tiny bottles of tequila—have proved a big hit with attendees. Cocktails customized to the setting, like a “Shark Bite” garnished with a shark gummy, give a nod to the venue. A clever drinks display can also help guide guests to their seats. “We’ve done what we call ‘Sip and be seated,’ which is a champagne wall,” Sullivan says. “And that would have a glass of champagne, a tag with the guest’s name, and the table they’re assigned to as well.”

The Favors

wedding favors olive oil

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Instead of the usual chocolates and trinkets, personalized gifts at Wychmere weddings have included olive oil and maple syrup made on family farms. The event specialist team will also reach out to local vendors to replicate nostalgic treats. “Sunday School is a very popular ice cream place on the Cape right around the corner from us, so we do a lot of ice cream bars through them,” Sullivan says. “Sourcing things from them can bring some of the couples’ childhood memories into their wedding and explain their story as to why they picked Wychmere and the Cape.”

If you’d rather skip favors altogether, donating to a favorite organization on your guests’ behalf remains a popular alternative, she adds.

The After-party

wedding afterparty

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Even after the official reception has ended, the wedding festivities can continue at a more intimate after-party. DIY playlists with your favorite tunes will keep guests dancing into the night. To end the evening on a really high note, a special surprise like a beach bonfire or fireworks—two showstopper options offered by Wychmere—will ensure lasting memories of a one-of-a-kind event.

Host your dream wedding at Wychmere Beach Club, a modern and chic seaside venue on Cape Cod known for its customized events and stunning setting.