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Play with Prints

The idea of playing with mixing prints can be a terrifying concept. With look-at-me results that garner attention from all, this act definitely isn’t for the faint at fashion. And with a closet full of LBDs and monochromatic pieces, it’s easy to forgo the intricate designs for the safety zone of a solid.

But where’s the fun in that? Fashion is supposed to be exciting. Do yourself a solid and check out these tips from NIC+ZOE on how to mix prints and patterns. The result promises to be a fresh and new stunning look.

Start Small

Mixing patterns can be intimidating, so there’s no need to go all in right away. Boost your confidence by beginning with tiny patterned touches in simple accessories. Think about adding a print bag or scarf, perhaps a stylish pair of patterned pumps. NIC+ZOE’s Striped Marble Scarf is an easy way to mix up your traditional solid ways. It combines bold black stripes with vibrant splashes of color on a crisp white canvas. Drape it over a textured sweater to ease yourself into the idea.

Find a Common Color

If you want your favorite floral and perfect stripes to meet, they should first have something in common. Consider it an ice breaker in the conversation. In order for two prints to work well together, they must share one color. For example, the taupe and olive shades that stand aside red and gray of NIC+ZOE’s Vagabond Jacket find a connection with the deep earth tones that cascade across their Shaded Olive Scarf. Or try the brilliant blue and stark black diagonals of the Striped Piece Pullover Sweater with the graphic black and white dots of the Black + White scarf.

Opposites Attract

You wouldn’t want to put together a large print with another large print. Instead go for different ends of the spectrum. Think dense with sparse, large with small. The perfect example is how the large blocks of color in the Cracked Panels Twirl Dress pair nicely with the thin textural striped patterns of the Twirl Dress Cardigan. A match made in NIC+ZOE.

Neutralizing the Situation

There are some patterns that can actually act as neutrals, making them easy to work with and exciting to manipulate. Discover NIC+ZOE’s graphic take on polka dots in the Digital Dots Jacket and Top for two easy ways to mix prints in with other patterns, perhaps a thick stripe or a great floral. You can also consider textures and patterns like animal prints, tweed, hounds tooth, and stripes for other simple ways to balance out an outfit.

Finding Solid Ground

Always ground your outfit with a solid color. Think of it as a calm canvas to work alongside all your creative play. Consider a solid sweater draped with a patterned scarf and topping off a complementary patterned pant. Or perhaps a black pair of ponte pants with a patterned pair of heels and a boldly printed top. Your eye will welcome the rest of the single shade.

Step out of your comfort zone this fall and start experimenting with patterns and textures. Before you know it, you’ll be a mix master.