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Premier Projects: Curbs Studio

Q: What were your inspirations for this project, and how did they align with the homeowner’s goals? A: This project was inspired by the unique contours of the urban landscape, and the potential for seamless connections to the interior. The design style was influenced by Japanese zen gardens. The growing family that lives here wanted to spend more time outside, especially since their post-pandemic routine has called for more time at home. Maximizing the outdoor living capacity in a way that feels inviting from the inside was central to the design development.

Q: Why do you love this project? A: This project is loved for its cohesive architectural language, which is echoed through the geometry of the custom stone features, outdoor kitchen, terraced patios, and stepping stone paths. This little hidden haven is loved as a peaceful workplace, and an upgraded entertainment space for friends and family with more space to cook bigger portions for traditions like the annual seafood boil. Warm landscape lighting ensures the space is appreciated and enjoyed day and night. The homeowners love that this project came to life in just a few months, and their investment is simple to maintain.

Wellesley, MA

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