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Fall Private School Open Houses

When it comes to private schools, you’ve come to the right place. Each Boston private school is incredible in its own way, and for this reason it can be difficult to make the decision: Which school should your child attend? Doing research is a good way to narrow down your choices, but when it comes down to it, visiting the schools your family is considering is the best way to make a confident final decision. With this roundup of open house details for private schools in the Boston area, you can begin to plan your 2022 and 2023 private school visits to arrive at the best decision for your children’s education.

SchoolOpen House Date(s)
Archbishop Williams High School10/23, 11/6 Grades 7-12 (11a-1p)
Atrium School10/23 PreK-Grade 8 (10a-1p); Stop-In Saturday: 12/3 PreK-Grade 8 (Time by appointment)
Austin Preparatory School10/23 Upper and Middle School (11:00a)
Bard Academy11/5 Grades 9-10 (10a-4p)
Boston College High School11/6 Grades 7-8 (10a-12p); Grades 9-12 (2-4p)
Boston Trinity Academy10/15 (12p); 11/15 (6p)
Boston University Academy10/2 (12:30-2:30p); 11/30 (6:30-8:30p)
Brimmer and May School10/23 Lower School (10a-12p), Middle & Upper School (1-3p)
British International School of Boston10/18 In-Person (9:30-11:30a); 11/20 (11a-1p);
Cambridge Friends School10/15 All grades (10a-12p)
Charles River School10/15 PreK-Grade 8 (1-3:30p); 11/11 PreK-Grade 8 (9a-12p); 11/17 Middle School, In-Person (6:30-8p)
Commonwealth School10/6 (6:30-8:30p); 11/13 (2:30-4:30p)
Covenant Christian Academy10/1, 10/5, 11/2, 11/5, 12/3, 12/7 All grades (9-11a)
Cushing Academy10/10, 11/11, 12/3 (9a-1p)
Dedham Country Day School10/13, 11/2, 1/20 Classroom Observations (8:30-10:30a); 10/26 (PreK-8), 1/10 (DE&I) Virtual Learning Spotlights (7-8p)
Dexter Southfield10/29 Pumpkins in the Playscape (9a-12p); Visit the website for all upcoming events.
Falmouth Academy10/22 Grades 7-12 (9:30a); 1/22 Grades 7-9 (9:30a)
Fusion Academy9/13 Virtual Open House (1:30p), 9/13, 10/18, 11/15, 12/13, 1/17, 2/14, 4/11, 5/16 Coffee Chat (8:30a)
German International School of Boston10/6 Virtual Preschool & Kindergarten (7-8p); 11/12 In Person Preschool & Kindergarten (11a-1p); 12/12 Virtual Grades 1-12 (11a-1p); In-person school tours upon request
Hillside SchoolVirtual tour available online
Inly School10/9 Upper School (6:30p); 1/12 All Grades, "The Inly Difference" ; Welcome Wednesdays, All Grades (9:30a)
International School of Boston10/25 Elementary School, Virtual (1-2p); 10/27 Seconday School, Virtual (1-2p); 10/29 All Grades, In-Person (10a-1p); 11/1 Elementary School, Virtual (7-8p); 11/3 Secondary School, Virtual (7-8p)
Kingsley Montessori School10/15 All grades (9a-12p)
Lawrence Academy10/29 (8:30a-12p)
Lesley Ellis School11/6 All Grades (1-3p); 11/16 Middle School (7p)
Lexington Christian Academy10/29, 11/18, 12/7
Malden Catholic High School10/11, 10/30, 11/21, 12/6,
Milton Academy10/29 Middle School (2-4p); 11/5 Lower School (2-4p)
Montrose School10/30 (1-3:30p); 12/6 (6:30-8:30p)
Mount Alvernia High School11/6 Grades 7-11 (1:30-4p)
Nashoba Brooks 10/23 Lower School, 11/6 Middle School
New England Innovation Academy10/20 Grades 6-12 (5-7p)
Newton Country Day School11/6 Middle and Upper School (1-3:30p)
Noble and Greenough School10/22, 12/3 Grades 7-12 (8:30-11:30a)
Notre Dame Academy10/16 Grades 7-11 (10a-1p); 11/3 Grades 7-11 (6-8p)
Oak Meadow School 11/6 (11a-1p)
Park Street School10/19 All Grades (9-10:30a); 11/7 All Grades (6-8p); 12/6 All Grades (9-10:30a)
Riverbend School11/5 (11a-12:30p)
Rock Point School10/7 (4p); 2/2 Virtual Open House; 4/7 High School and Post Grad Information, Register Online.
Russian School of MathematicsSchedule an evaluation on the website.
Shore Country Day School10/15, 11/12 All Grades (10a)
St. Sebastian's School10/6 All Grades (5:30p); 11/6 All Grades (6p)
Thayer Academy10/22 Middle School (9a-12p); 10/29 Upper School (9a-12p)
The Cambridge School of Weston10/22 Campus Open House; 11/9 Virtual Open House
The Chestnut Hill School11/6 (10a-12p)
The Fayerweather Street School 10/29 (10a-12p)
The Fessenden School10/20, 11/17 ,12/15, 1/19 PreK-Grade 9 (8:30a-10a); Weekly virtual tours PreK-Grade 9 (Oct-Jan)
The Meadowbrook School10/19 Grades Jr. K-4 Meet & Greet (9:30-10:30a); 10/20 Grades 5-7 Meet & Greet (9:30-10:30a); 12/6 All Grades Meet & Greet (9:30-10:30a)
The Newman School10/15 Grades 7-8 (10-11:3a), Grades 9-12 (12:30-2p); 10/18 All Grades, Virtual (6-7p)
The Park School11/6 PreK-8 (11a-2p)
The Putney School10/1, 10/29
The Roxbury Latin School10/1 (10a-1:30p); 11/13 (12:30-4p)
The Sage School10/16 All grades (11a)
The Shady Hill School10/23 Lower School (1-3p); 10/23 Middle School (3-5p);
The Wheeler School10/22 All Grades (9a-12p)
Torit Montessori SchoolAll Grades: 10/12 Virtual (6p); 10/29 In-Person (10a); 11/12 Virtual (11a); 11/22 In-Person (4p); 12/2 Virtual (12:30p); 12/14 In-Person (4p); 1/14 Virtual (11a); 1/30 In-Person (4p); 2/11 In-Person (10a)
Ursuline Academy11/6 Admissions Open House (11a-2p)
Walnut Hill School for the Arts9/29 Admission Open House Series begins, Grades 9-12 with PG Available (8p)
Wellan Montessori School11/1 Voyager Middle School Info Session (IS), (9a); 11/6 Explore Wellan OH, In-Person by appt.; 11/8 Beginner IS, (10a); 11/9 Primary IS (10a); 11/16 Lower Elementary IS (9a); 11/17 Upper Elementary IS (9a); 12/2 Kindergarten IS (10:30a); 12/8 Montessori Myths & Magic, (7:30p); 1/12 Explore Wellan OH, In-Person by appt. All info sessions are virtual.
Wilbraham & Monson Academy10/2 Grades 6-12 (10a)
Worcester Academy10/16 (11a-2p); 11/6 (10a-1p)
Xaverian Brothers High School10/30 Middle School and High School (9a-12p)

For more information about independent schools in New England, visit aisne.org or search our Find It Private Schools directory.