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Why Settle For Crooked Teeth?

Think crooked smiles and braces are only for tweens and teens? Think again. Nowadays, more adults than ever are getting the straight smile they always wanted – faster and easier than expected.

Today more than one million American adults have braces to fix problems that weren’t addressed in their youth, according to Delta Dental. The number of adults with braces increased 14 percent alone between 2010 and 2012, according to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and they now make up 20 percent of the braces-wearing population.

Teeth straightening patients come in for a variety of reasons. Some adults opt for braces to fix teeth that were straight but shifted as they got older. In other cases, adults get orthodontic work to fix functional problems.

“At Charles River Dental, we recommend orthodontic treatment because of the health impact it will have on our patient’s lives,” says Dr. Mark Sivers, owner. “Straight teeth are easier to clean. Clean teeth have less bad bacteria. In straightening your teeth, you can actually combat gum disease!”

So the question is, why wait?   You may not realize it now, but your crooked smile can lead to future problems.  Crooked, crowded teeth or bite problems can actually create painful conditions that can worsen as someone gets older.  Problems with the mouth can actually cause chronic headaches, ear pain and jaw pain, in addition to gum disease and decay.

New Straightening Options

There are more options than ever when it comes to choosing a straightening technique. Rely on the experts Charles River Dental to help you choose the best method to give you that beautiful straight smile you’ve always wanted.

Every person is unique, and their teeth are no exception. If you are serious about straightening your teeth, Charles River Dental provides two easy solutions:

  1. Clear Braces – Tooth colored ceramic attachments on teeth with white connectors are aesthetically pleasing and can be used to correct even the most severe misalignment
  2. Invisalign® and Invisalign Express  – Clear, removable aligner trays to address mild to moderate crowding in as few as five months

Getting the treatment you deserve is easy. Call Charles River Dental and set up a no fee consult with our Orthodontist.  Dr. Santoro will assess your mouth and determine the severity of your alignment problems to determine the most effective treatment option.   Trust your teeth to the best – Dr. Santoro not only has 20+ years’ experience, but she teaches Orthodontics at Columbia University.

What to Expect

If you opt for braces as an adult, you will likely need to deal with some mild discomfort when you first start your treatment. Teeth may be sore or you may have to get use to the sensation of eating and speaking with your new hardware. When you have braces it can be challenging to keep your teeth clean, so it’s more important than ever to brush and floss regularly and stick with your regular dental appointments.

However, that’s as hard as it will get. Take it from someone who just went through it:

“I have been a patient [of Charles River Dental] for about 3 years. I just completed the Invisalign process. It was wonderful,” says Chris J.  “Through this process, I found they were very clear with the expectations from the client and I think that guiding me through the process was very helpful.  I’m very happy with the results.  I would recommend Charles River Dental to anyone.”

In the end the decision to get braces as an adult will not only pay off in higher “smile confidence” but better oral health. So again, don’t wait for problems caused by your crooked smile to arise.  Proactively take charge of your health with the experts at Charles River Dental. Call 617-671-0052 today!