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Spend Your Energy Outdoors This Summer

Once it warms up, Bostonians waste no time getting outdoors. Whether it’s roadside at the Marathon, in the stands at Fenway, or on the beach at the Cape, that time outside in the sun has been earned. There’s nothing quite like a long, unforgiving New England winter to make one appreciate summer.

After cranking the heat all winter, it’ll soon be time to turn on the A/C. Just leaving it on is neither economic nor sustainable and constantly adjusting your thermostat may save a bit of money, but it’s both time-consuming and tedious. It’s also the last thing you want to think about while at the park or after leaving the pets at home while you’re at work.

NRG Home, a leading electricity supplier in Massachusetts, provides an easy and even eco-friendly remedy for you. New NRG customers who enroll in the Learn & Conserve Plan will receive a Nest smart thermostat system that automatically adapts as the seasons change, learning your environment and programming itself after just a week of use. Using sensors and phone proximity, the smart thermostat knows when you’re away and adjusts accordingly to save energy. The learned settings can be manually overridden with the thermostat itself or easily accessed through a smartphone app.

Energy conservation is not only important for your wallet, but the environment—so it’s nice to see the effect you’re making in both respects. With the Learn & Conserve Plan, from NRG, you’ll receive Nest’s monthly report summarizing energy use, offering energy-saving tips and showing how your energy savings stack up against others.

Independent studies have shown that the Nest Learning Thermostat has saved its users 10 to 12 percent on their heating and 15 percent on their cooling bills. Thanks to NRG’s Learn and Conserve Plan, you can save energy and enjoy all the perks of a warm Boston summer without worrying about the temperature at home.

To learn more about NRG Home and how they can help power consumers at home with the Learn and Conserve plan, click here.

*Limited time offer, available in select utilities.  Early cancellation fee applies to fixed plans. Energy and cost savings are not guaranteed.  A customer may obtain an information disclosure label upon request. See NRG Home plan webpages for full terms and conditions.