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Stay warm with NIC+ZOE this winter

Winter accessorizing can be tough. The temps drop, and suddenly our style sense flies out the window in favor of staying warm. Our perfect outfits get ruined with necessary add-ons like hats, scarves and gloves. With NIC+ZOE, you can find stylish accessories that not only keep the cold at bay, but are still right on trend.

Date Night
Nothing says romance like a starry night stroll through a winter wonderland. But despite the warmth in your heart, the fire can fizzle once the winds pick up. Lovey dovey disappears and so do your hands, as they dive deep into coat pockets. With these super cozy Striped Fingerless Gloves, you can still hold hands despite chilly temps. The open tips also translate to taking cuddly selfies while your hands stay toasty.

Ice Skating
When you’re channeling your inner Michelle Kwan at the local outdoor rink, you want to look your best. NIC+ZOE’s Braided Headband shows off twisted cozy knit cables for a feminine twist on keeping warm. The pretty birch color mixes with the grey yarns for a lovely marbled effect. Bonus: It keeps the hair out of your eyes and your ears warm while you impress with the perfect triple salchow.

Festive Fete
Whether it’s a Nutcracker ballet tradition or a festive holiday gala, add some Old Hollywood glamour to your winter wardrobe with a pair of knit opera-length gloves. Pairing perfectly with even the most elegant of evening gowns and luxury capes, the soft cotton blend adds just a touch of warmth while the ruching brings an easy elegance to the affair.

Holiday Shopping
With hands full of packages during rushed in-and-out store trips, you can’t count how many times you’ve left your winter scarf in a shop. NIC+ZOE’s Textured Infinity Scarf is an easy companion to the busy holiday shopping season. With its on-trend looped style, it stays put even when you’re running around forever searching for the perfect gift. Leave it loose for a casual draped effect, or double it up for extra warmth.

Snowball Fight
No, you never expect them. But during outdoor cleanup or hanging up holiday lights, the war begins. Snowballs suddenly whiz by your head, and it’s time to duck and cover. Nothing says fun winter style more than a cute pompom hat. Cozy and playful, this cable style knit cap is adorned with a fluffy pompom. It might say “I’m sweet,” but when it comes to snowballs, they’ll soon find out that you’re one tough cookie.

It’s bad enough you have to cope with the cold. With NIC+ZOE you won’t have to cope with anything less than stylish perfection.