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Technical Cashmere™ is the Superhero of Luxury Fabric





A benchmark of quality fabric is its ability to “hang” properly. You want your clothes to accentuate and enhance your appearance — preferably without the need for you to spend precious time perfecting your look. That’s why Technical Cashmere™ works. Garments made of this versatile fabric blend sophisticated design with functional features needed for you to power your full-contact lifestyle. Because each garment is contoured to your shape and designed to move with you from day to night, Kit and Ace clothes look great and retain their shape from the moment you get up until the wee hours when you hit the sheets. Simply stated, Technical Cashmere™ is the epitome of effortless luxury.

And with effortless luxury, no detail is overlooked. Individual pieces of Kit and Ace apparel for both men and women are designed to go everywhere and fit with everything. The adaptable, easy-to-care-for Technical Cashmere™ basics look and feel as if they were made specifically for you. T-shirts, sweaters, pants and skirts can be dressed up or down. They are perfect for layering and wearing to work, or in combo with jeans for play. The neutral color palette works with everything, so you can showcase your personal style just by pairing Technical Cashmere™ with your own favorite wardrobe pieces and accessories for effortless perfection.

Technical Cashmere™ brings a whole new level of wearable luxury into your life. Visit the newest Kit and Ace shop at 208 Newbury St., Boston.