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The 3 Reasons Why Local Companies Are Getting Rid of Their IT Departments

If we told you the nation’s top businesses will continue to rely heavily on technology to stay open in 2017, we wouldn’t be reporting anything new; but, what if we uncovered the not-so-obvious trend that is shifting the way successful companies are sourcing the next wave of IT experts, leaving competitors in the dust?

Like many metropolitan areas, Boston hasn’t been impervious to the man-made movement that favors foregoing flaky internal resources for external consultants whose presence is surprisingly felt—and quite frankly, needed—most.


The high price of maintaining an internal IT team can quickly become one of the costliest expenses of running a business—from annual salaries and benefits to new technologies, devices, and trainings.

Nowadays, several Boston businesses are getting more bang for their buck by simply reviewing qualified consultants (who typically offer more resources and detailed know-how) that fall within budget to identify quickly who can offer the array of crucial IT services required.


Fewer C-level executives are settling for staff that act more like a revolving door, coming and going as they please. Plus, lots of companies simply have trouble hiring the right internal IT talent on their own, making the wrong decision time and again for the crucial role because they don’t always understand their own needs.

The newer method of external IT consulting assures many employees that an entire network of reliable, helpful technology providers have their back, and what it takes to proactively identify and manage solutions that can be counted on.


More companies are realizing that when they find the right external technology partner for their business, they can begin raising the bar for their employees and what they can accomplish.

It’s simple to ensure your entire external IT department is comprised of award-winning, highly educated and certified professionals who have dedicated themselves to protecting, organizing, and backing-up your business in the smartest, fastest, and most efficient ways possible. From designing networks specifically for your office’s workflow to ensuring any member of your team can be connected whether at their desk, in a meeting, at home, or traveling to that big pitch meeting downtown.

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