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The Right Lighting will Make your Wedding Celebration Unforgettable

You are the light in each other’s eyes, and it’s your time to shine. The stage is set for your perfect wedding. The day of your dreams is ready to unfold, taking you from first look to first kiss, first dance to the beginning of your life together.
Choosing the right lighting for your wedding day will add just the right spark to your storybook romance. Beyond basic spotlights and clusters of candles, there are exciting ways to illuminate the night.

You can walk towards family and friends through ethereal beams reminiscent of filtered sunlight in a serene forest. Or dance the night away in your own super high tech club, complete with disco ball and strobes. You might even give a dark and brooding archway a royal touch with a majestic flood of incandescence. All of this magic can come together for your wedding day through the right lighting choices.
Whatever your Big Day ambiance, enhance it through a variety of illuminations. By deciding on the right tones, you will give off a feeling of romance, modern day elegance, even low-key rustic. Also decide on smaller elements to add depth, such as classic chandeliers, rustic barn-style globes, edgy iron lanterns, or romantic Crystal Chandeliers. Colored light blanketing an entire area of a room brings about a new mood and even changes the look of its décor.

Lighting also draws attention to the smallest details that are meant to make a big impact. After all when you spend hours worrying over just the right florals and centerpiece elements, their beauty deserves a moment of its very own. With pin spotting, a soft pool of light from well-focused beams highlights aspects of your wedding décor. Now your statement arrangements won’t sit sidecar to other décor choices.
If there’s one aspect of a wedding that adds “fun” to function, it’s the world of event lighting. Whimsical light patterns reflected onto your event space walls add sweet (even cheeky) messages to all who attend. Think hearts, custom monograms, abstracts, anything your own heart desires.
The right lighting also has its own unspoken conversation with you and your guests. A perfectly placed white light draws attention to your first dance, whereas a wildly colorful pattern behind the band or DJ summons everyone onto the dance floor. Lighting can be as interactive as you want it to be for your celebration. Just the proverbial flip of the switch and the mood is changed and guests engaged.
And just because it’s surrounding the cocktail bar or food stations, there’s no reason that lighting placed thoughtfully in those spaces can’t be special. Consider projecting a dazzling light display directly onto your cake, so your Big Day confection is even more inviting through exciting movement and creative design.

From tiny star-like twinkles draped high above to giant walls lit up in breathtaking color, there are many ways to set a memorable mood. The talented lighting designers at Frost Productions will bring an ambiance to your wedding that is uniquely yours. Through the right lighting elements, you will enhance any space and transform your wedding from simply beautiful to truly breathtaking.