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These Plant Planning Pros Can Style Your Home or Office with Beautiful Botanicals

Photo credit: Karin Dailey Photography

Picking out plants and flowers can be challenging. What makes sense in your space? Does it match the rest of the décor? More importantly, can you even take care of it?

That’s where the styling services at Orly Khon Floral can help. Like any interior design endeavor, the floral design studio will work to find the flora that fit best for your home or office.

“Our plant and floral styling services consist in bringing a curated botanical touch,” says owner Orly Khon.

Orly Khon Floral is well-known for their fresh floral services for weddings and events, and their plant styling is equally crafted with careful consideration. You can visit them at their boutique inside Restoration Hardware or start with a phone call or email; the team will follow up with a personal consultation to discuss needs and come up with design ideas. Most projects are then followed by a meeting in person at the studio or a consultation at your home or office.

Photo credit: Karin Dailey Photography

“It’s always important for us to make sure we’re a good match for the clients,” says Khon. “As customized as we like making things unique for each client, we feel very strongly about our brand. We want to understand what works for the design, as well as suggesting the appropriate plant, since all plants have different needs.”

All clients have different needs, too. When it comes to hatching a plant plan, Khon says the most important thing is to understand its lifestyle and purpose.

“For corporate clients, it’s very important to always have a new look that will bring the office a touch of something natural and colorful,” says Khon. “These clients also like having plants that constantly look in perfect condition.”

For family homes, Khon says some clients require fresh florals so her team delivers weekly arrangements. “I see a lot more need for orchids to give that homey feeling,” she says. “For a lot of these clients, we have regular maintenance plans in which we check and assess the plants regularly.”

Photo credit: Liz McBride Photography

And if you don’t have an office or home to spruce up, there’s a plan in place for smaller spaces.

“People that rent apartments like buying smaller pieces from our boutique or order a few plants with us and we help with maintenance instructions,” says Khon. “We offer the option of bringing their pieces back when they need refreshment or we can do a home visit to help with any needs, as well.”

Even when working with a variety of people and places, Khon still has advice (avoid ferns if you can’t give them daily attention) and favorite options (she’s into kiwi branches) for everyone. “I am a green lover and love textures and patterns in plants. I never get tired of succulents,” says Khon. “Tropical plants like bird of paradise plants, Monstera, and philodendrons of all kinds are fun and take me back home to Venezuela where they were everywhere.

Khon and her team are excited about the expanding demand for plant styling services, and are eager to work with you to beautify wherever you live or work. Transforming any space for the better is the highlight of her job. “I love what I do and where the company is going,” she says.

Photo credit: Liz McBride Photography

For more information about plant styling services or any event fresh floral service with Orly Khon, visit orlykhon.com.