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Three Alternative Ways to Practice Self Care this Fall

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You need a break. Between juggling back to school season stress and gearing up for the holidays, it’s easy to let your own mental and physical well being fall by the wayside. You’re not alone. Of Americans 25 years of age and older, only 6.6% report engaging in health-related self-care each day. Yet, studies show that self-care has numerous emotional and physical benefits. The good news is, it’s never too late to start practicing. 

There’s also never been such a wealth of ways to practice self-care. While activities like yoga and massages are popular options, new and emerging alternative therapies that address the full range of a person’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental influences are becoming more mainstream.

“Alternative therapy refers to treatments or practices with the goal of improved health and well-being, often with a holistic or “whole body” approach, but outside the scope of modern medicine,” says Bill Engvall, Assistant Spa Director at Boston-based G2O Spa + Salon

Want to prioritize your holistic health this fall? Here are three unique alternative therapies now available at G2O Spa + Salon that can help you stay grounded, centered, and healthy this season.

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Flotation Therapy

Carrying all of that stress can feel like you have a heavy weight on your back. Find relief in the Flotation Pod, a sensory deprivation tank that simulates a weightless environment where the body can completely relax. The buoyant sensation is caused by large amount of Epsom Salts in the water, which has added benefits of exfoliating the skin and preventing inflammation in your joints and muscles. Just a 30-minute or hour-long session of the zero gravity and zero distractions atmosphere can decrease cortisol, a stress hormone, leaving you feeling refreshed and serene after the float.

“Our flotation pods have various options to customize your experience, including light therapy, music and having a lid that you can keep open or closed during your session,” adds Engvall. “Whichever you choose, flotation therapy is a great way to experience relief from pain and anxiety.”

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Just like it sounds, the philosophy behind reflexology is that applying pressure to one part of the body — feet in particular — can create positive ripple effects in other parts. The theory goes that these body parts are connected energetically to certain organs and body systems through energy channels in the body. Peter, G2O Spa + Salon’s reflexology therapist, says opening up pressure points — he calls them “traffic jams” — by massaging the feet helps keep a balance between one’s outer and inner energy, reducing tension from the head to the toes. He adds that the treatment is ideal for runners or those who stand at work.

“Reflexology, or any massage, is like getting an oil change for your car,” says Peter. “It helps maintain health, improves blood circulation, gives inner peace, and relaxes us so we can live longer and healthier.”

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Guided Virtual Meditation

Imagine looking out at waves rolling onto the shore of a secluded island, or up at the Aurora Borealis over snow capped mountains, without ever leaving the room. Those are just a couple of the lush environments to choose from once you strap on G2O Spa + Salon’s comfortable VR goggles to refocus and recharge in exotic locations around the world, no passport required. You can also personalize your session with custom guided meditations to help you find peace at your own pace. Engvall says the immersive 30-minute session can help lower the recipient’s blood pressure, relax tight muscles, and lead to longer, deeper sleep.

“It can be a transformative experience, helping our guests to relax and quiet their bodies and minds,” he says. “Each time they receive the service they can have a completely different experience, depending on the environment and meditation topic they choose.”

During this season of stress, it’s easy to not take care of yourself as you’re pushed and pulled in different directions. Making the time for one (or all) of G2O Spa + Salon’s alternative therapies can be a cost-effective, enjoyable approach to achieving and maintaining improved health. It’s about time you had a break. You deserve it.

To learn more about G2O’s alternative therapy services and to book your appointment, visit g2ospasalon.com.