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6 Tips to Keep a Summer Glow Through the Winter

Photo credit: Nordic Naturals

If living a healthy lifestyle is important to you and your family, harsh winter weather can put a damper on the entire season. Less sunny daytime hours can mean less vitamin D, outdoor activity time, and viable workout buddies, so it falls on your shoulders to stay up-to-date with what your body needs to remain fit and fully functional.

Instead of tolerating weakening muscles and brittle skin, hair, and nails for the next few months, dedicate some time to staying in touch with your summer self. There are a few things you can to do make sure you retain your glow and physical strength, even during the blustery holiday season.

Make visiting the gym part of your routine

When it starts getting too wet and cold outside to go jogging, visit your nearest gym or recreation center and see what they have to offer. Most have an enormous variety of activities, including everything from fitness and spin classes to yoga, swimming, and sports. Invest in a yearly or monthly pass to save money while taking advantage of the opportunity to try a little bit of everything. The winter months can be long, dreary, and monotonous, so it’s healthy to shake up your routine.

Stay hydrated

It’s tempting to drink nothing but coffee and tea when winter rolls around, but staying hydrated is crucial to your health. Everyone should drink between eight and 12 glasses of water per day. Carrying a large water bottle around with you is one method of increasing your daily intake, and those who find drinking eight glasses challenging can add fresh mint, berries, or cucumbers for a splash of flavor. If you exercise a lot or find yourself feeling thirsty frequently, don’t hesitate to drink more. Water flushes toxins out of the body and keeps it running smoothly; without it, you may start to feel sick and tired. It’s nearly impossible to keep a healthy glow throughout the winter unless you stay hydrated.

Supplement your diet

There are a few vitamins and minerals that you’ll likely be running low on over the darker and colder months of the year. Make sure you stock up your medicine cabinet before the holidays and you’ll be well on your way to maintaining your summer health standards until the springtime. Vitamin C is important for surviving the cold and flu season and for keeping healthy body tissue, blood vessels, bones, and teeth. Iron should keep your energy high when the weather is making you feel sluggish, as should vitamin A. And of course, when the sun goes into hiding, you’ll be missing some quality vitamin D, which will help you absorb your other supplements and support your body’s natural defenses. Omega-3s, which are beneficial for overall heart health, are often hard to find in the average diet.* One trusted source for getting the vitamins and minerals you need is Nordic Naturals, a company that has been researching, testing, and selling these products for 22 years and counting.

Invest in skin, nail, and hair care

Dry hair, nails, and skin can make anybody look under the weather. To keep your summer luminosity in check, take a trip to a local cosmetics store or pharmacy and talk to the experts about what they recommend for keeping your body moisturized. Investing in nice conditioners, exfoliators, and lotions is important for anyone who wants to look like they just got back from an island vacation at all times, even in the most vicious of weather conditions. To help support you from the inside out, consider taking regular doses of Nordic Naturals’ Complete Omega liquid or soft gels and Nordic GLA.

Don’t forget downtime

Staying healthy means keeping tabs on your emotional and mental well-being, too. After long days when you’re chilled to the bone and exhausted, give yourself some time to curl up in front of the television, take a bubble bath, talk to friends and family, or whatever else you need to unwind. When you’re tense and unrested, it leaves marks on your inner health and appearance. Taking the right supplements can also help support positive mood, memory, and cognitive function. Omega-3 fatty acids in particular contribute to maintaining a healthy central nervous system.* Take steps to protect yourself against those harms by being mindful and practicing self-care whenever you can.

Dress for the elements

On top of making you feel tired, enough wind, rain, and snow can ravage your health and looks. Guard yourself from the cold this season by carrying mittens, a scarf, extra socks, and a hat with you whenever you can, and do your best to have a coat at your disposal. Bring a windbreaker for wet days when the rain may soak through your outfit—or better yet, an umbrella to stop that problem before it starts.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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