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Transition Summer Pieces into Fall

Fall fashion prep is in full swing. Bye bye, gauzy dresses, tanks and wedge sandals of summer. Welcome back, sweaters, leggings and riding boots. But as you look longingly at your favorite frilly frock, preparing to tuck it into the depths of your closet, wait a second. Our experts offer simple style tricks to take your beloved warm-weather pieces into fall.

Top It Off: You don’t have to pack your sleeveless summer tops and favorite lightweight dresses away just yet. By topping them off with a tailored blazer, riding jacket or cardigan you can warm the look (and you) up. NIC+ZOE’s Jazz Age Jacket is the perfect example. With its striking black, gray and cream palette, faux leather trim and faux leather belt, pairing it with a soft flowing maxi skirt and boots brings your summer look straight into fall.

Mixing Colors: Head-to-toe bright yellow isn’t exactly what October and November call for. Instead you’ll need to slip into richer colors for a cozier look. Begin mixing fall’s shades with your summer pieces, such as pairing a simple pastel top with earthy brown, olive, burgundy or navy bottoms or cardigan. The rich river rock brown of NIC+ZOE’s Perfect Pant would be a nice complement to a summer blouse in bright hues (or even floral), while the Stripe Cozy Cardigan is the epitome of a fall favorite in black, olive, tan and grey.

Add a Pair of Tights: Whether it’s a mini circle skirt, floral dress or classic pair of black shorts, you can turn any outfit into a fall favorite with a pair of tights. Play with textures and thickness, such as herringbone, tweed and opaque, to really warm up your summer go-to pieces. For an even smoother transition, couple the tights with a leather moto jacket and ankle boots.

Add-Ons: If there’s ever a season to accessorize, it’s autumn. Just by adding a heavier statement necklace like the Modern Square or a richly colored scarf like the All Encompassing, you can really give any outfit a boost of the appropriate seasonal style.

The Layered Look: Not only does it keep the chill at bay, but layering can be an easy way to create a great look with last season’s pieces. Think vests and cardis over knit tops and dresses. NIC+ZOE’s Tumbling Top, Ombre Texture Scarf and Fabulous Fur Vest are the perfect trio, especially when worn with summer’s lightweight denim skirts or jeans. Also look for cropped sweaters over longer tops for a chic layered look. The cropped Twirl Dress Cardigan looks cozy and on-trend when worn over a sheer buttoned down, the summery shirttails peeping out from below.

Get Touchy Feely: Nothing creates snuggable style more than luxurious fabrics like faux fur, suede and leather. By adding a little touchable texture, like NIC+ZOE’s Fabulous Faux Suede vest, you can update last season’s look with an autumnal feel.

Sleeve Length: Sometimes adding a fall touch is as easy as trading in short sleeves for longer three-quarter or full-length options. Forgo the short sleeve top you wore with your favorite lightweight skirt in September for a longer sleeve option like the Oil Painting Wrap Top. Same skirt, more of a fall-friendly vibe.

There’s no need to suffer separation anxiety from your best summer looks. Now’s the time to sift through last season’s favorites and keep a few to transition seamlessly into fall style.