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Trending this Fall: Touchable Furs, Luxury Knits, and More

Ready to relax? Then you’re just in time for Fall 2014. This fashion season will find you swooning for cocooning, as you envelope yourself in big luxury knits, touchable faux furs and oversize chunky pieces.

For fall knits, too much is never enough. Think big is better as you look for king-sized pullovers and cardis that look like they’re straight from your man’s sweater drawer. Knit wear has even earned gotta-get status in pants and tights, as we find zero reason to not keep our bottom halves happy. And don’t forget the faux fur this fall. It’s everywhere in vests, coats and accessories. Keep it natural with minks and sables or go all out with unnatural colors, like lime green or electric blue.

If you’re not ready to give into heavier fabrics, you’re in luck with the season’s best layering techniques. Stay cute and cozy by mixing and matching. Have a blouse popping out from under a cropped sweater; or a flannel playing nicely beneath a basic knit sweatshirt.

Rooted in knit wear, NIC+ZOE’s styles have you covered in all of this season’s trends. You can certainly find just the perfect way to snuggle up to fall fashions. Their Tundra Rap collection gives a twist of feminine punk elements with flavors of Russian and Roma folklore (think twirl knit dresses, swinging suede coats and the most fabulous faux fur vest this side of Moscow). Or check out their Modern Times collection, a colorful take on black and white with a futuristic artistic twist. It’s full of oil painting wraps, folded knit moto jackets and digital dot tops. With NIC+ZOE you’ll be ready to cozy up and style right.

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