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Vani Sayeed Studios

Q: What were your inspirations for this project, and how did they align with the homeowner’s goals?

The challenge was to create an easy-going, family-friendly vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard, MA. Taking our cue from the neutral colors and materials found in nature, we worked with the homeowners to design the easy relaxed vibe they were seeking. For this project, they wanted something a little different. Our clients wanted to create a space that had a pared-down tone, easy to maintain, echoing nature-inspired neutral colors—a modern meets hand-hewn look.

Q: Why do you love this project?

The overall mood and theme of the home travels throughout all the spaces. This cohesive vibe is what makes this project so successful. 

The first-floor public areas are open-concept—the kitchen flows into the dining room, which extends into the living area. I would call the whole space the “Great Room,” bringing in light and stunning views of the ocean and the conservation land around the property. The concept is open sight lines within the space that then extend outdoors. 

The furnishings are easy to maintain in this vacation home and this sentiment is honored at every turn. The iron lanterns over the dining table don’t have glass panels to clean, and the counter stools, arm chairs, and bench cushions are upholstered in all-season performance fabric.

Vani Sayeed Studios

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