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Want Fresh Farmers Market Food Delivered to You? There’s an App for That

Market 2day co-founders Stephanie Marmier and Insa Elliott. Photo credit: Anthony Adamick

Gorgeous produce, freshly baked bread, meeting the people who grow or make your food…what’s not to love about the farmers market?

Well, there are a few drawbacks—especially if you’re on the nine-to-five grind. “Farmers markets are not the easiest or most convenient place to buy food,” says Market 2day co-founder Insa Elliott. “In this day and age, when time is the most precious commodity, shopping at farmers markets becomes a luxury that many cannot afford.”

So, if you’re craving juicy sweet blueberries or local honey, but can’t hightail it across town in the middle of a workday, there’s good news.

Market 2day is a new app serving cities and towns on the South Shore (and now Metro Boston!) with fresh farmers market deliveries. Just download the free app and create an account, browse local markets and check out vendors, place your order, and have it delivered directly to you. It’s a win-win-win.

Photo credit: Anthony Adamick

The key objective of Market 2day is to provide 100-percent local products, something that services like AmazonFresh or Instacart will never be able to do.

“Amazon will never be able to deliver a beautiful, locally grown tomato from the farmer that you know and trust,” says Elliott. “But with the right technology and service model, Market 2day can.” She also noted that farmers and other vendors on the Market 2day app are paid full retail price, another unique way Market 2day supports the local food economy.

“We think that Market 2day is the perfect service for busy professionals who want to buy and eat right but don’t have the time.” Elliott continued.  Because of this, Market 2day is specifically targeting workplaces and other communities who value wellness, starting with local co-working leader, the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC).

“Market 2day will be an incredible benefit for clients of CIC.  Most entrepreneurs are extremely busy and may not be able to take time from their schedules to make it to a farmers market. Partnering with Market 2day will allow our clients to have farm fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and other food items delivered to their workplace,” says Will Simpkins, head of kitchen operations at CIC.

For time-constrained consumers who care about where their food comes from, the Market 2day app allows you to support sustainable local businesses with tasty selections that are both good and good for you.

Photo credit: Anthony Adamick

“I’ve found that the heart of a village or a city is always its farmers markets and the best cuisines I’ve tasted are based on fresh, locally grown food,” says Elliott. “We all should be supporting our local food economy for the sake of our health and sustainability as a community. Our future depends on it.”

Download the Market 2day app today from the Apple App Store or get it on Google Play. For more information on how to use the app or if you’re a vendor, market manager, or a workplace manager who wants to get involved, visit market2dayapp.com.