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Wellness Watch: 5 Ways to Revamp Your Routine

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There’s a good chance you have your beauty regimen down to a science. With your trusted makeup brands and daily skincare routine, you probably don’t have to think twice about scheduling regular haircuts, manicures, and pedicures.

But what about wellness? Spa therapies like massages, meditation, and more might seem like lavish treats, but these are actually essential for maintaining stress and promoting good health and happiness.

Here are five unique ways to work on your wellness this season.

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Go for guided virtual meditation

There’s no need to book a flight to faraway lands; you can escape to exotic countries through a virtual relaxation app at G2O Spa + Salon. Designed to relieve stress, improve immune health and circulation, increase self-awareness, slow the aging process, and improve sleep, the cutting-edge technology transports you to a tranquil and calm space for a truly unique meditation experience – sans the travel fees. 

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Focus on your feet

What’s better than a foot massage? How about one that targets your organs and improves your overall health? Using foot charts, reflexologists apply pressure to specific areas to improve circulation. The practice is known to reduce pain and enhance sleep, and is also believed to help anxiety and depression. G2O again offers both 30- and 60-minute sessions.

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Float for a spell

Enter the sensory deprivation pod at G2O and float in a pool of Epsom salt and water, simulating a weightless environment. This process lets your spine decompress to calm the nervous and muscle systems, improve circulation, and promote detoxification. The quiet and serene atmosphere removes the stress of constant stimuli, helping to decrease the production of cortisone, a stress hormone. Your brain will enter an elusive theta brainwave state, typically associated with deep sleep and dreaming, and you’ll leave feeling balanced, clear-headed, and so refreshed.

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Get more massages

Don’t save a massage for birthdays buys or special occasions – they’re beneficial to your year-round health! At G2O, you can choose from a long list of treatments, starting with the traditional Swedish and deep tissue. Opt for an aromatherapy massage with scented oils to detox your immune system and calm the mind, or lay down for a LaStone therapy with warm basalt and cool marble stones to ease chronic tension. Improve flexibility with a sports massage to focus on certain muscle groups related to your activities, or enjoy a Himalayan salt stone massage to revitalize your skin and balance your energy. Additional options include a maternity massage for expecting mothers, a targeted massage for a chosen trouble area, a couples’ massage, and a face and scalp massage.

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Rid yourself of stress with Reiki

Based on the principle of a flowing life force energy, this Japanese technique promotes healing with very gentle hand placements focused on the body’s chakras, or energy centers. The treatment releases blocked energy to achieve peace and serenity. Sign up for a 30- or 60-minute session at G2O and incorporate regular Reiki appointments into your routine.

Bonus: you can balance beauty with wellness all in one place. G2O is also a high-end hair salon with cuts, coloring, styling, extensions, strength and moisture treatments, retexturizing, and smoothing options. The dual spa and salon offers facials, sunless tanning, eyelash and brow tinting, hair removal, and nail services, as well. (And don’t forget to visit the sauna and salt cave!)

For more information on services and to book your appointment, visit g2ospasalon.com.