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What You Need to Know About Orthopedic Surgery and Joint Pain

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Are you having trouble doing the activities you love because an injury has you sidelined or you’re in pain? Maybe you’re an elite athlete, or you just want to get outside and walk your dog. No matter your age or athletic ability, musculoskeletal pain can be debilitating. Luckily, the team at Newton-Wellesley Hospital is here to help.

“Our experienced orthopedic specialists treat a wide array of conditions from traumatic injury to degenerative conditions such as arthritis,” says Dr. Timothy Foster. “We can do so much to give patients relief and get them back to the activities they enjoy. Our team is relentless in their pursuit of the highest quality care combined with an exceptional experience.”

Did you know…?

  • Massachusetts is one of the top 10 states with the highest density of orthopedic surgeries per 100,000 populations.
  • In the United States, the number one reason for seeing an orthopedic surgeon is knee pain.
  • Knee arthroscopy, or knee replacement, is the world’s most common orthopedic procedure.

Newton-Wellesley Hospital, in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), offers a team of providers to address your musculoskeletal pain through a range of treatment options from major reconstructive surgery of the knee or hip to physical therapy. “We work closely with you to develop a highly-personalized plan designed to restore your function while minimizing your time away from sports, work, and school,” he says.

These surgeons have specialized training and expertise, using the latest innovations and advances in science and surgery, plus a team of specialists who can treat patients without surgical interventions. “But if you do need surgery, we have the expertise to treat the most complex problems of the spine, shoulder, and upper and lower extremities,” says Dr. Foster. “Additionally, our team serves as the sports medicine physicians for Boston College Athletics. Excellence in orthopedic care is right here at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, and you can count on our team to get you back to doing what you enjoy most.”

3 Tips for Orthopedic Health

1. Stay active with daily exercise. Whether it’s the Boston Marathon or a brisk walk, exercise increases bone mass and strengthens muscles and tendons at any age. It also improves your cardiopulmonary function and mood.

2. Stretch to improve flexibility and balance. Even more than strength, flexibility influences mobility, range of motion, balance, and injury risk. Include stretching in your daily routine.

3. Eat a healthy diet. In the winter, New Englanders don’t get enough Vitamin D, which is critical for calcium absorption. If you can’t get it through your diet, talk to your doctor about supplements.

Dr. Timothy Foster graduated from Boston University School of Medicine and completed fellowships in Adult Sports Medicine at MGH and Pediatric Sports Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital. He holds Masters degrees from Dartmouth College and MIT. Dr. Foster is the Chairman of Orthopedic Surgery and Senior Vice President for Surgical Services at Newton-Wellesley Hospital.