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When Creativity Meets Technology, Events Become Experiences

From menus and music to emcees and floral arrangements, a lot of time and  planning goes into designing, developing and deploying a successful event.  And the rapid evolution of modern technology has set higher expectations in today’s event design landscape, which encompasses more than just the installation of scenic elements and décor.

Now people are exposed to exciting ideas and trends thanks to creativity and technology producing lighting that dazzles, video projections that stun and sounds that shape experiences.

We sought experts to learn how technology is changing the event industry and lit up when we found reliable insight from Boston and New York City’s renowned production company, Frost Productions.

With Frost’s extensive list of clients and venues – including the Boston Public Library, Museum of Fine Arts, Institute of Contemporary Art and Harvard Art Museums – their technically savvy craftsmen with 30+ years of experience had lots to share.

And Now, We Cordially Invite You To:

See How Event Experts Like Frost Productions Blend Creativity With Technology To Create Special Experiences

  • Spaces are being transformed into a technology experience 

In today’s digital world, nothing is off-limits. If an event planner can dream it, talented teams of programmers and event producers can execute it. This includes manipulating venue spaces whose ambiance can make or break an experience.

Even the most phenomenal venue can be enhanced. At least, the crew at Frost Productions thinks so. Their carpenters and technically inclined visual design experts create thought  provoking design concepts that support client event objectives through custom fabrication, video and moving images, projection mapping and more.

Plus, Frost collaborates with clients along the way, clearly explaining all production plans – keeping clients objectives in mind and ensuring they understand how a space is being created per the agreed upon vision, timeline and budget.

  • Guests engage in interactive experiences

The same way creativity and technology work together to result in dynamic event environments, now more than ever they also encourage interaction.

Skilled video and audio engineers immerse guests in their surroundings with elements that trigger social interactions during an event. Their use of technology creates impactful touch points, inviting guests to be part of the action.

Frost’s use of video and moving imagery engages guests by drawing their attention to things like keynote speakers or areas of your venue throughout the evening. They even work with natural surroundings to get the most out of outdoor spaces.

Similarly, Frost’s expert audio engineers enhance events through sound, ensuring messages – whether expressed through loud musical performances, light background music, or speeches – are heard.

  • Digital integration allows promotion before and after the event

The evolving landscape of technology has changed beyond just event design. Now, event hosts can communicate key messages like the  event’s tone or theme before, during and after the event.

And through digital storytelling ­– things like website updates, social media posts and email campaigns – Frost can keep your party alive and guests engaged beyond the walls of the venue with event sneak peaks, live updates and post-event re-caps that’ll keep guests celebrating.

Do you have an occasion worth celebrating? Invite Frost Productions to bring your event to life today!