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3 Smart Reasons to Consider Buying a Home Before You Sell Your Current One

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Perhaps you’ve decided to find a new home in 2022, aiming for a fresh start and that big front porch you’ve always wanted. We don’t blame you. But what now? Moving is an intimidating choice, and it can be hard to take a first step, so consider buying your new home before you sell the one you live in now. Flyhomes, the expert in making home buying easy, helps us explain why—and how.

It gives you time to find the perfect home

Rushing to find the right home will only make your moving process more stressful. If you buy a home first, however, you can take your time and end up in a house that leaves you feeling satisfied, refreshed, and happy—before you even list your old home. Avoid temporary housing and extra expenses from moving and storage. Plus, when you do list your home, selling is as effortless as it can be when Flyhomes is there to take professional photos, create a virtual tour, market to buyers, and even handle inspecting, cleaning, and staging.

It can make your offer more competitive to sellers

When you buy a home before you sell your old one, you can isolate the two transactions, and avoid contingencies around the sale of your old home. That means you don’t have to tell your new home’s seller that you can only buy their home if your old home sells first. Instead, Flyhomes can help you purchase the home with a short-term loan so you can buy the house in as few as 10 days with guaranteed funds. That makes your offer stronger and, therefore, more competitive.

Flyhomes literally guarantees that your home will sell

Maybe the prospect of having an unsold house when you move into your new home sounds like a pesky loose end. What if we told you your home was guaranteed to sell? Flyhomes will, in the rare event that your house doesn’t sell before 180 days of listing it, purchase your home if you’d prefer it not stay on the market any longer. When your home is guaranteed to sell, it’s much easier to use equity toward the purchase of your next one so you can move right away. That’s how Flyhomes helps you buy your next home before you sell your previous one.

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