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2016 Election

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How Elizabeth Warren Will Play the Presidential Campaign

The New Yorker published a buzzy profile of Senator Elizabeth Warren Monday, and it gives a lot of insight into how she plans to navigate […]

City Life

Hillary Clinton Courts Elizabeth Warren

Time magazine just released its 100 Most Influential People list, and the publication asked newly declared Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to write up the blurb on […]

City Life

Today Show Asks Elizabeth Warren If She’s Running for President Three Times in One Interview

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Senator Elizabeth Warren continued her months-long attempt to talk about anything other than […]

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Nevermind: Mitt Romney Says He Won’t Run for President in 2016

Mitt Romney gave a statement Friday announcing that he will not run for president after all. This after pretty openly musing about a third run for the […]

elizabeth warren
City Life

Spoiler Alert: Elizabeth Warren for President

Elizabeth Warren swears she’s not running for president. That may be true, but she’s sure doing a terrible job of it. The war for the soul of the Democratic Party is about to begin—right in our backyard.

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Is Mitt Romney Really Running for President in 2016?

After saying “no” to the idea, then “maybe no,” Mitt Romney is now just saying “maybe.” The former Massachusetts governor is on the record saying he […]

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Elizabeth Warren Only Sort of Not Running for President

Elizabeth Warren is once again making headlines by declaring that she is not running for president. Sure, sure. She’s always not running for president. But it’s the way […]

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Elizabeth Warren Is Still, Still, Still Not Running for President

Today’s big political news is a headline that should look quite familiar to you by now: Senator Elizabeth Warren continues not to run for president. […]

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New York Times Does Not Think Elizabeth Warren Will Run for President

As Scott Brown stokes speculation today, his former rival Elizabeth Warren is doing her best to shut down any hopes that she might run for […]