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2016 Election

City Life

Everyone Is Campaigning in New Hampshire

In the final hours before this thing is finally over, New Hampshire is the place to be. That’s why every politician is spending this crisp and cool […]


A Local Doctor Is Helping Hospital Patients Vote

By Jennifer Adaeze Okwerekwu’s calculations, as many as 222,000 Americans could be admitted to the hospital during the five days leading up to the election. […]

City Life

Poll: Trump and Clinton Are Tied in New Hampshire

A new poll out today shows the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tightening in New Hampshire with just five days left to go […]

City Life

Moody’s Says Question 2 Could Hurt Boston’s Credit Rating

Moody’s, the credit-rating agency, has come out with an eleventh hour warning about what could happen should Massachusetts voters pass Question 2, and lift the […]

City Life

Bill Weld Pretty Much Endorsed Hillary Clinton on Maddow

In case you’ve forgotten in all the excitement—or night sweat inducing dread, take your pick—former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld is running for vice president on […]

City Life

Massachusetts State Senator Eric Lesser Endorsed by Obama

Endorsements don’t get much bigger than this, and for a state Senate position, no less. President Barack Obama this week is throwing his support behind […]

City Life

Marty Walsh Will Stump for Hillary Clinton at a Pittsburgh Diner

Mayor Marty Walsh is hitting the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton this weekend, with hopes of rounding up a swing state into the Democrats’ column. Walsh […]

City Life

Poll: Things Are Looking up for Question 4, Question 2 Is ‘Razor Thin’

Voters are still in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana via ballot Question 4, and remain split on whether to raise the state’s cap on charter schools, […]

Arts & Entertainment

Ben Affleck Goes Full New England to Ask New Hampshire Residents to Vote

Ben Affleck wants to make sure that the fine people of New Hampshire cast their ballots on November 8, so he teamed up with Funny […]

City Life

Bill Weld Urges Voters to Elect…Not Donald Trump

Typically when someone is running for president, they spend their campaign stops asking voters to elect them to the highest office in the land. Not […]

City Life

Massachusetts Really Wants to Get This Election Over With

And who can blame them? The first-ever day of early voting in Massachusetts appears to have been a success. Polling stations were busy all morning […]

City Life

Maybe a Dozen People Attended Curt Schilling’s Sad Trump Rally at City Hall

To quote Milli Vanilli, blame it on the rain. You would think in a town like Boston, where our sports heroes are held in such […]

City Life

Marty Walsh Makes the New York Times’ List of Donald Trump’s Insults

Monday’s edition of the New York Times featured a two-page spread of every person, place, and thing insulted by Republican nominee Donald Trump over the course […]

City Life

Early Voting Starts in Boston Today

Hoping to beat the Election Day crowds on November 8 and cast your vote early? Want to participate in this magnificent democracy of ours, but […]

City Life

Athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush to Voters: ‘Go for the Johnson.’

When Athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush went on CNBC today to make the case that Massachusetts voters should look to the Libertarian ticket in November, he appears to have […]