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Anwar Faisal

City Life

Anwar Faisal’s New Somerville Tenants Already Have All Sorts of Problems

Back in February, Anwar Faisal, considered by some to be the worst landlord in Boston, purchased 100 units on Summer Street in Somerville, with the expressed […]

City Life

GentriWatch: ‘Boston’s Worst Landlord’ Buys 100 Units in Somerville

Welcome to GentriWatch, where we look for signs of gentrification happening around the city. Anwar Faisal, considered by some to be the worst landlord in […]

Home & Property

City Council Is Not Pleased with Anwar Faisal

By many accounts, Anwar Faisal is a crummy landlord. He’s been called before the Boston Housing Court 31 times since 2009. He’s been the plaintiff […]

Home & Property

Boston’s ‘Lord of the Sties’ Is Back in the News Again

The Globe just published Part 3 of its excellent Shadow Campus Spotlight Team Investigation, covering the student apartment rental situation in Boston. Today’s report focuses on one of […]

City Life

Anwar Faisal: Lord of the Sties

Anwar Faisal has built an empire renting to the city’s college students, but he hasn’t been so good at making sure his apartments are actually habitable.

City Life

Customer-Service Calls to Boston’s Inspectional Services Department

ISD Customer-Service Call, 2/3/2011: “There are leaks in several locations coming from the bathroom ceiling. Ceiling looks damp, brown in color, and possibly moldy in […]